Fort Benning visit


In 1985 I attended the Basic Airborne course and the Ranger Indoctrination course at Fort Benning. I hadn’t been back since. That is until last week. Work took me to the home of the Infantry school and I had a chance to look around. The base if of course larger and has improved the roads considerably. Airborne school didn’t look noticeable different though. The buildings had some renovations done but the overall layout was the same. The was about all that was the same though. I didn’t recognize anything else. There is some major building taking place on Ft. Benning and the designs looked good.  I wish I would have taken a couple of pictures of the new buildings. 

The highlight of the trip was the Infantry Museum located just outside the Ft. Benning gate. It was a great museum covering the history of the US Infantry.  I highly recommend visiting the museum if your in the Columbus Georgia area.  I’ve attached a couple of photos.

250ft Tower Ft. Benning, GA

The 250 Ft Towers looked the same as they did many years ago.

Ft Benning Jump Tower

The Mock doors were fun to see.  While I didn’t’ catch the current class this day they were jumping out of these while I was there.

Ranger Memorial Ft. Benning (800x451)

The Ranger Memorial

Infantry Museum Ft. Benning (800x446)

Infantry Museum

Infantry museum entrance (450x800)

Entrance to the Museum


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