Hem those pants up

No, this isn’t a real important post but it’s one of those subjects that irritates me.

US-ATTACKS-AIRPORT SECURITYYou know the TSA uniform isn’t too bad.  But the one thing too many who put on a uniform neglect is to properly hem the pants.  Extra long pants look sloppy and unprofessional.  I’ve been traveling  a lot lately and I’ve seen a number of TSA agents who look and act very professional, but I’ve also seen those few that look terrible in their uniforms.  A poorly fitted uniform looks horrible.  It’s hard enough for a TSA agent, security guard or a police officer to garner any respect these days but a sharp uniform helps.  It says trust me I care about what I do. 

I’m not a uniform “Nazi”, but damn why wouldn’t you want to look your best?  Just saying….

Note: picture is of TSA uniforms worn properly although you can’t see the hem.  Smile


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