Why are fewer people going to football games?


I’ve seen this question in number of articles lately.  The first answer is often that the home experience is much better now with large screen TV’s,  tivo and the like.  The chart below is why I don’t go to football games.  Yes, my home experience is better, or better on the pocketbook. 


Now add the prices of the concessions.  Apparently there are a hell of a lot of people make considerably more money then I am.

$4.50 average drink

$5.00 average hotdog

$7.00 average beer

I guess that’s not bad considering the price of concessions at the movies.



2 Responses to “Why are fewer people going to football games?”

  1. ymarsakar Says:

    The NFL is becoming more like Hollywood. Tax free or mostly, yet given social status and worth to tell the rest of the tax farm serfs what to do about life. Some kind of yin yang imbalance there if you ask me.

  2. JB Says:

    It’s a rich mans game that they let the lower class play a small role in.

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