20 January

Yes the postings have been slim lately.  I’ve been pretty busy and things that matterreally haven’t had much time to contemplate the state of the world a whole lot.  I did have some time however to read a little of Charles Krauthammer’s book “Things that Matter”.  It’s a collection of columns he’s written over the years. I’ve watched Charles on TV for years and sometimes agree, sometimes not.  What I never fully realized is how well he writes.  I’m only halfway through the book but I do recommend it. 





File under clueless:

In his is New Yorker interview published over the weekend, President Obama stated that current Al Qaeda was “jayvee” – and said that his analogy was often used around the White House. “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” Obama said. He then added, “I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian.

CNN reported last week that “al Qaeda appears to control more territory in the Arab world than it has done at any time in its history.”

I think this President simply isn’t interested in foreign policy of any kind.  Hawaii beckons. 


Green Fade-Out: Europe to Ditch Climate Protection Goals

The EU’s reputation as a model of environmental responsibility may soon be history. The European Commission wants to forgo ambitious climate protection goals and pave the way for fracking — jeopardizing Germany’s touted energy revolution in the process.

green europePerhaps because it’s all been a scam plus the costs and real world affects of fake climate protection is hurting people while making a few very rich.  Wind power isn’t cost effective, solar either.  There may be a way in the future to make renewable energy work but for now it’s only lining the pockets of a few while making the rest of us pay through the nose for utilities.  Europe is much worse and the cost much higher.

I wonder how hard it would be to get a permit to put up a windmill in your yard if you don’t live way out in the country?  Humm.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for renewable energy research but implementation must be cost effective.   


2 thoughts on “20 January

  1. Krauthammer is definitely an intellectual of the old school. That is why he inspires certain respect if not admiration amongst conservatives. However, his denseness in not recognizing Leftist infiltration of the GOP during Sarah Palin’s campaign was enough to tell me that his tactical and strategic vision was too limited to win a war. This war.

  2. I think he’s better at looking back then forward. But he’s writing can be very good. Plus he does live in the middle of the viper pit. He can’t help but be influenced.

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