Happy New Year

Aha, another year begins.  Will this year bring love and peace?  Not likely.  But if I can still pay the bills it will be something.



7 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. The new year is likely to be better than the last. Things generally improve over time. Have faith.

    More love? Likely.

    More peace? Peace comes from within ourselves. We choose whether or not we are peaceful.

  2. Happy New Year JB. In your Cartoon , is that you Speaking to Chili? Cause he doesn’t look like he’s Listening…lol…


  3. A resolution made solely because that’s the social custom is not… going to change yourself. Change of the inner spirit comes from internally motivated forces, which cannot rely on external factors such as social support, belonging to the group, or obedience to external authority.

    If people lack the internal fortitude to make resolutions outside of New Years, they won’t get that fortitude on New Years either.

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