Qanta Ahmed makes some good points

Where is the Muslim Mandela?

But just as apartheid stained the name of South Africans before her rescue from infamy, so too is the apartheid of radical Islam soiling the name of every Muslim. Whether we accept this or not, the actions of the radical Islamist are now defining every Muslim, the actions and policies of radical Islamist governments are now defining the meaning of Muslim nationhood.

Be warned fellow Muslim. We will surely answer for these days, and like the present atrocities, the blame for silently standing by without protest will be collective and catastrophic.


6 thoughts on “Qanta Ahmed makes some good points

  1. They do exist. They have always existed. However the press has not focused on one or a few of them. Many that do exist are murdered.

    Every day on average hundreds of muslims are murdered by extreme militant islamists. The vast majority of the anger and victims of islamists are minority muslims and sunni muslims who are not sufficiently islamist.

    Hundreds of millions of muslims strongly oppose the extremists and take the fight to them. Sadly they are often castigated as “violent” and no different from the Al Qaeda types they are fighting.

    It is hard for muslims to fight the Al Qaeda types nonviolently . . . when the Al Qaeda types assassinate them.

  2. You cannot fight the Al Qaeda types non-violently. When they move into your village. Stop them then not after they control everything. Al-Qaeda doesn’t worry me as much as the constant fighting amongst the various sects. Civilization is dying in Muslim lands quickly.

    In Iraq there was a great chance to become something more. But Shia Muslims decided it was more important to get even then then get along. If it were Sunni running the place again I would expect no different.

  3. “You cannot fight the Al Qaeda types non-violently.” Then how can there be Mandelas? Mandela succeeded at defusing the various wars between African tribes and different sub groups of black South Africans. He even publicly called these intro black African wars a bigger threat than Apartheid.

    Iraq might still become something more. Al Qaeda has begun a global and Arab resurgence. Killing some 7 thousand Iraqis this year alone.

    The Iraqis have asked for global help:

    Obama is choosing not to help the Iraqis. Just as Iraqis say Obama chose to pull all forces out of Iraq in 2011. Iraqis are proud people. They will not publicly ask for troops if Obama publicly turns them down.

    Strangely Maliki has even signaled he might take Turkish help for the ISF and Turkish collaboration against Al Qaeda. The Turks tried to organize a no confidence vote in parliament against Maliki and came within one or two votes of toppling him.

    You are right that the Shia should forgive Iraqi Sunnis and reach out to them as brothers and sisters with warmth and love. But heck who are we tribal people to give advise on forgiveness? Will Democrats forgive Republicans. Will Republicans forgive Democrats? Will Tea Party Republicans forgive McCain and Graham?

    As long as Iraqis are sordidly and politically fighting each other like cats and dogs nonviolently . . . that is a win of sorts.

  4. Looking for the Muslim Mandela was Qanta’s article. I don’t know if Obama is choosing not to support the Iraqis or if he is simple incompetent as a leader period. The US as far as I can see has no foreign policy at all these days. It’s chaos.

    It’s sad, I worked with an Iraqi Swat Team the they were mostly Sunni but honestly felt pretty safe with them.

  5. “I don’t know if Obama is choosing not to support the Iraqis or if he is simple incompetent as a leader period.” It is some of both. Maliki in a Op-Ed published in the New York times publicly asked for help on behalf of the Iraqi people; explaining why helping Iraqis benefited Americans. If Obama refuses to help, it is intentional.

    “The US as far as I can see has no foreign policy at all these days. It’s chaos.” True.


    If you look for them, there are lots of muslim Mandelas. Malala for example. There are Indian and Indonesian muslim leaders who regularly and publicly call for Islamic reform; and argue that the Islamist path is not right. Ayatollah Sistani? Although he is a minority muslim and might not count.

    Muhammed Fethullah Gülen anyone? He is arguably Turkey’s most important muslim spiritual leader. He likes Jews and Israel. Still Arabs have qualms following lowly Turks.

  6. The British were supposed to control things in the South, where the Shia lived. In actual fact, the British forces made agreements with the Shia deathsquads to allow them free reign, in return for the Brits being left alone. Whether this was on the ground officer judgment or political commands from London, was hard to tell. But it ended up with at least one American patriot dead and many more Iraqis dead.

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