Amendment 66 Colorado

Ok back to posting. I’ve been slacking on the posting here but in my defense it’s been really strange, frustrating and hectic here. Since the Government shutdown is over I’m back to work. How long will work continue until the next stop? Who knows. I’m working a different schedule so I’m adjusting a bit. The hardest part if finding the right time to hit the gym. Before work is too early and after I don’t feel like it. You know, the same problem every who works and wants to work out has.


So the first post of November will cover the Colorado Vote on Amendment 66. It failed miserably.

Amendment 66 was a two tier 1 billion dollar tax increase proposed for education. Since I’m a parent of a middle school child this was of interest to me. I’ve been to my son’s elementary and middle schools and they are in horrible shape.

Amendment 66 was well funded. It’s reported over 10 million dollars was spent in promoting this amendment. But what did it insure? Nothing that I could find other than more money that could be moved around as administrators saw fit.

It’s interesting how every year there is new tax for education that will target early childhood learning and smaller classrooms. Yet it’s never fixed. It’s never enough. In truth many parents are just looking for day care anyway. But for those of us that want a good education it’s tough to find.

The Examiner has a pretty good breakdown.

The biggest problem is that most Coloradoans don’t believe the money will actually make it to the classrooms. Education spending has continually increased in Colorado with little to show in the results.

Taxes are not inherently bad. They are in fact necessary. But if we don’t trust those that administer the budgets why would we continue to give more money?

Frankly people will put up with a lot of waste and corruption if in the end we see results. Without results spend your own money not mine.

Perhaps this was just an attempt to pay off the underfunded PARA retirement account? If so, say so.

It’s all about trust and the public servants have lost a lot lately and it’s always for the children.


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