Remember when

Some days the melancholy sets in. I don’t know what sets it off but today was like that. So, when you need to dive into a feeling what do you do? Well music of course. Now my little discussion the other day with 11th ACR got me thinking. Not of politics which we talked about and often disagree but of music. 11th is my cousin, an older cousin and we were brought up on different music. But there were a lot of crossover years. 11th had the coolest stereo I’d seen at that time. Back around 83-84 he had a nice Marantz system. At least part of it was Marantz. I remember he was the only one I knew who had a separate reverb and diamond tip record player, remember those. Many a day 11th and his brother and I would play some pool and listen to a pretty large collection of music. Everything from Elvis, the Beatles to I believe even a little country.

Now I really grew up with 11th’s younger brother Robert and since it’s October seems like a little story of one October not too many years before I left California for the Army. It was Halloween and Robert and I had bought some Halloween costumes. One was a skull and the other an ape. These were the kind you glued to your face and were pretty realistic for Halloween costumes. After messing around in our own neighborhood we headed out to 11th’s house. That was about a half hour drive away. What we forgot to think of was the time and the fact it was the middle of the week. I don’t recall the exact time but it was late and 11th and his wife were awoken by two idiots wearing masks rummaging through their house in the dark. How we didn’t get shot I don’t know.


They of course welcomed us, which they always did.

So back to music. Today I’ve loaded Pandora with some Jim Croce, Neil Young, Eagles, Coven ( remember Billy Jack’s “One Tin Soldier”) and many more.

That and some Crown Royal have set the tone for this Saturday evening. The Melancholy is lifting already just thinking of those days.

I think the last time I felt like this I wrote about pirates.  I was drinking Rum then..  


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