Shutdown Week Two

Was7967526Yes, I know posting is light. But hey it’s due to the partial Government shutdown. No, really. I’ve been too absorbed watching this fiasco that I really didn’t have anything to say. Plus, I’m actually in this mess as a military retiree and a contractor that is not working due to our contract having a stop work order at this time. So, I just watch like the rest of you.

It’s been an  interesting event with all the really important and money saving shutdowns, like the Washington open-air malls and memorials. I’m pretty sure it’s costing us all more to put up barricades and kick people out then to just leave it alone. Then the stopping of privately own businesses working on government lands, blocking highway turn outs so you can’t look at monuments. This is really surreal.

Of course the Obama administration may have gone too far with the military death benefits. To say they couldn’t re-direct or work a deal to fund that is straight up BS. That is something you don’t stop while a war is still going on. Not that the media is noticing.

Oh well, we’ve gotten what we’ve voted for.


11 thoughts on “Shutdown Week Two

  1. I rememeber clintons shutdown and the exact same things were locked out. All the Parks and all Government Land was locked down. There is only one thing different this time then last. War. Clinton was negotiating a Budget and surviver rights were a non issue at that time. I am glad that Obama had the defense dept go in front of the cameras for proof down the road that he said if the Republinuts shut down the Government that surviver benefits would be stopped. The republinuts know damn well before this party started what the conseqences were going to be and used this to shove down Obamas throat. Come on now. I know you dont care for this administration but dont side with the far right unless you have all the facts. Another fact is The Koch Brothers have said they will ruin this black Mans Administration at any Cost. Republinuts have caused themselves grave danger in the next election. The South will always stay Republinuts because they are just plain sheeple as a freind of mine once said.

  2. The republican House has passed numerous budgets and CRs. How many have the senate passed? Chirp Chirp….

    It is good the President trotted out the pentagon to say veteran issues would be a problem and then do absolutely nothing with the congress to fix them. Also the CR passed for the veterans benefits covered this but due to very narrow interpretation of the CR the Administration decided more pain was in their favor.

    As to the Koch brother, well now your just sounding Looney. What is your proof that that Kock brothers have done anything affecting this shutdown? I hear their name from many really left leaning sites but have yet to see anything sinister. I’ll listen but give me something to work with. Anything to compare to the IRS,NSA, State department, ATF?

    Race? Really? The race card is done. Race has nothing to do with any of the issues. Poor leadership in the Senate and an incompetent President are the issues. I oppose the ideals of this President,do you think I’m racist? Is that the standard now?

    Aha remember the days when Nancy Pelosi spoke of the loyal opposition?

    11th don’t resort to the silly names (Republinuts). It’s not becoming. I don’t us libtards for the same reason. It’s silly and frankly the situation is become too serious. If you catch me doing that please call me out. I’m sure I’ve made that mistake before. But when I read comments on sites from conservatives and liberals and these names come out I tune out.

    Most of our politicians on both sides simple aren’t serious people. We’ll see what party makes out best after the next election. I have no idea. My faith is not real high in the American electorate.


    …President Obama opposed passage of funding for veterans’ death benefits because the Fisher House Foundation has agreed to cover the costs, according to his spokesman.

    “The legislation is not necessary,” White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters Thursday when asked about legislation approved by the House and Senate that would pay for those benefits. “Our view has been, this piecemeal funding is, again, a gimmick.”

    Carney faulted Congress on Wednesday for not covering the death benefits in the Pay Our Military Act, though the Congressional Research Service rendered a legal opinion that the legislation did fund the program.

    “[Obama] was not pleased to learn of this problem,” Carney said during the Wednesday briefing. “And he has directed the OMB and his lawyers to find a solution. And he expects to have one today.”…

  4. The talk aboutKoch Brothers are on every station here in calif. Maybe in Colorado you only get Fox News because a lot of what you are stating is not being said here except from Fox. I know for a fact that the news in the South is a Hell of a lot different than what the we hear. heritage foundation , look it up. This whole fiasco has been Financed by the Koch Brothers and if you dont beleive that , why did Boehner change his attitude the day after the Koch. Brothers sent a Memo to the. Republican Party to calm down on obamacare. You are listening to the wrong stations. Younhave used a few words about calif in the past but thats fine with me , a tomato is still a tomato. And one last thing. Here in calif we have paid our bills , have a bakanced budget , and no longer shut down because of a late budget. Why , becuase finally we got smart and voted out the problems. We have a democratic Governor , along with a Democratic Legilation. How is that working for us you ask. We have people back to work and no more political squabbling. As i remember the last Republican , Arnold could pass crap and every year the budget went in late. One more thing. I lied. race is still a factor if you listen to some of the Republican crap coming out in TV Commercials. Just this week the word Race was used several times from Congressmen to Glen Beck and so,on.


  5. What does the south have to do with anything. Or is Colorado now the south?

    Kind of strayed from the main topic but that’s ok.

    But your right I don’t get California TV.

    11th I’m not here to defend the GOP. My post have made that pretty clear.

    I didn’t think I’d said much about California lately. Frankly it was a great place to grow up. So, based on a few items I’ll give you some kudos on the budget. It appears California did a few good things. I’m glad to see it.

    …Three things: Major spending cuts over the last few years, big tax increases approved by voters in November and general improvement in the economy.

    When Brown took office in 2011, the state faced a $26.6 billion budget gap. To close it, the state slashed spending for schools, the correctional system, health and human services and higher education.

    California’s general fund spending dropped to $93 billion this fiscal year, down from a peak of $103 billion in 2007-08. The state workforce contracted by more than 30,000 positions. Spending on schools plummeted to $47.3 billion last year, down from $56.6 billion four years earlier. The state limited the time adults could receive welfare cash assistance to as little as 24 months, down from 60 months.

    The new budget for next year increases spending in certain areas, particularly education. The general fund is projected to grow by 5%, to $97.7 billion…

    While I’m not a big tax guy, hey you voted them in so ok with me.

    And I’ll still drink a beer with ya.

  6. Ill buy the first round. I am not into big taxes either but, when a republican party tears apart your economy you need to raise taxes and lower government spending and that is what Brown did. The good ole USA will need to do that too. As I remember. Reagan raised Taxes every year . Bill. Clinton did the same. Buy the way what did the republicans want to do with the Surplus Clinton gave us. Yep , they wanted to give it to their Cronies. Im just saying that even this week we heard here on the West Coast the President being put in the same Bucket as Hitler and Stalin though Stalin was a bit better guy than. Hitler. I dont know about you but I too Served this country with pride and it erks my ass when someone says shit about my president. Hell i loved tricky dick , sorry for the tricky part , but it never mattered to me who the President was because we live in a Demacracy that voted the Person into office. The republicans lost the. Election and are trying to shove their agenda down our throats and forgot THEY lost the election.
    About saying colorado and the. South i meant that there are differences of opinion in both and some actually think the South will rise again. Its a bit difficult to tell what my demeaner is by just using words on a blog. Thought the same thing when writing an email. Some times the receiving guy takes what is said the wrong way.
    Its ok to disagree but some of the media where you live , live in a Bubble. You do,have the internet as I can see you looked up calif Budget , then lookup nbcnews or msnbc news.
    Buy the Way , i still drink the cheap beer PBR so it wont cost you much for the Second. Round…..


  7. Hey I love PBR. Although I had a couple Blue Moons tonight. I personally find cheap beer taste better, well after the first few anyway.

    Note while I won’t watch MSNBC at all, I do try to check most others out. Tonight I spent and hour watching Deutsche Welle TV all in German. A bit of a pain since my German is not that good but very interesting. They were discussing the US shutdown.

    Hell I watch Al Jazeera. Again I might not agree with the slant but the local depth is much more than most US news organizations.

  8. So no msnbc , then fox? Which poisin do you beleive gives the closest to some truth? That may give me an Idea of what type of Political view you have. I do read UK press to get somewhat of an unbiased Opinion.


  9. This is probably what I hit most often. I’m generally just skimming unless I’m looking for something in particular. I only watch a little bit on TV most is online. Although I do watch Robin Meade on HLN when I think of it and Fox’s the Five. Deutsche Welle I like for many programs both in German and English.

    Fox, Deutsche Welle, BBC, Washington post, USA today, Local ABC and CBS affiliate, Huffington post, Drudge report, Al Jazeera, CNN, HLN news (Robin Meade 😉 ), yahoo news, MSN news, Bing news, Google news ( I use the alerts), CNET news, Wired news, Tech Crunch, Forbes, CSPAN, Euronews, RT news (for the Russian flair), Wall street journal, London times.

    To be honest I only go to the Huffington Post when directed by another source.

    Oh and the links on my site here. Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, Breitbart, The Diplomad, and for all things Martial there is Sake White,

    Then for pure war on terror news, long war journal and Rantburg.

    There are probably more but that’s all I have bookmarked.

    There are specialty sites for pure data.

    Oh and if anyone is interested is great for links to nearly everything.

    As to the truth, well I don’t look for truth. Facts I can use though. Your truth and mine may not be the same. 😉

  10. Let’s start off with me reiterating that I hate both sides. That being said, the only people saying, “No” is Obama, Reid and Cruz. One has to start somewhere. Remember not too long ago the Republicans were being called the party of “No”? The President can’t hope to keep this new “Red Line” of his. It just isn’t the way the game is played. Now all of us being former, or in my case current military, Reid, Obama and Hagel withholding Death Gratuity, travel to Dignified Transfer of Remains, Funeral Costs, BAH for Survivors Benefit, is just pure Damn POLITICS. It’s cheap, offensive and to be perfectly honest, it’s beneath the dignity of the President to play these cards.
    Compromise and negotiation are the way DC works, or at least it did until the first GWB Administration when the Democrats blocked appointments of Judges that in days past had been given an up and down vote. Since then it has got markedly worse. This is not how a leader conduct himself, period. The reason Reagan had a 69% approval rating was he was able to reach across the aisle. Clinton was able to do the same thing, and he was the second highest approval rating. Something has happened in the last 14 years and I don’t like it one bit.

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