Shutdown begins

congressSo here we are at the Government Shutdown. Well it’s not really a shutdown exactly since many operations will continue and many employees will still get paid for a while. But it will be a pain for some. We seem to have come to a stalemate.

The President and the Democratic party (Senate) won’t negotiate and the Republicans and the house seem unable push anything forward that they can stand firm on. Of course it’s not any of their vault. I mean who could have guessed this budget thing would come up out of nowhere right near October. I don’t know if that’s ever happened before. But luckily our congressmen and women had some well-deserved breaks this year before any crises came up. I hear there is a debt issue coming up soon too but lets not get ahead of ourselves there will be plenty of time to work that out I’m sure.

Look I admit I’m biased. I think this President will go down as the worst in history at least until the next Democrat is elected. As to the Democrat run Senate that hasn’t produced a real budget in what, five years, well we keep electing them. Now the republicans are scared shitless.  They don’t know which way to jump. Only a few can make any kind of stand and then they get hammered harder by their own weak ass party then their opponents. Both parties want big government, one is just better at selling it. They do however accurately reflect our populace. Lazy and freeloading.

We undoubtedly have a country in decline.


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