Defund Obamacare good or bad idea?

The House just passed a bill to fund the Government until Dec 15 (another problem) and not fund Obamacare.  Was this a good idea?  Will it work?  Even if it doesn’t work will it create an atmosphere that will help or hurt the GOP in the future?

I don’t have the answer to that. Obamacare was passed plain and simple.  I’m not sure the defunding is the correct way to go.  It doesn’t matter if it was rammed through Congress or not.  They had a chance to vote and certainly many who voted for it could have said no, lets wait a bit to “see what’s in it”.  Yes, it was voted in along party lines but let’s fact it, the Democrats held both the House and Senate back then.  So, if Obamacare is no good, well that is the fault of our populace in general.  So, shouldn’t we let it go into law so that we can all feel the effects of this legislation?

I personally think Obamacare will be disaster but it’s a disaster we asked for.  Blinded by greatness of the One, some of us handed the sheep over to the wolves.  Now we get to pay up (this is only one of the many payments).

It’s not that I like the situation and maybe this GOP strategy will work, I don’t know.  But the law needs to be repealed not just defunded.

The Senate of course won’t pass this and will most likely strip the defunding part of the bill and it will go back to the House.  Then what?

The plan may be simply to have the vote noted and then when the bill returns to the House they pass it without the Obamacare provision.

We still have no budget. They’ve only kicked the can again.

It’s all a big game in DC with us paying the bank.  Once again a real budget won’t be passed and our economic future will continue to be uncertain and jobs will not follow.

Such are the times we live in.

Update: Correction to title:  Defund not defend.  Oops


6 thoughts on “Defund Obamacare good or bad idea?

  1. I really Hate to Argue Politics , but here is a bit of info I came across…

    Obama Rated 5th Best US President

    Of the 43 US Presidents (yes, only 43 because Cleveland was elected for two nonconsecutive terms): Obama has been rated 5th best president ever.

    The White House press release said, “…less than a year into his second term, Americans have rated President Obama the 5th best president ever.” They aren’t publicly releasing the survey, but it was provided to us by a source who asked to remain anonymous. It showed:

    * Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Reagan tied for first,

    * 16 other presidents tied for second,

    * 19 other presidents tied for third,

    * And, Hoover, LBJ and Jimmy Carter tied for 4th,

    * Obama came in fifth.

  2. I can see why the source asked to remain anonymous. Seriously Jimmy Carter came in 4th. LMAO. LBJ? That said with our populace these days it’s entirely possible.

  3. Both of you are missing the point. Read it again. It really put Obama 43 not fifth…Hoover , LBJ and Jimmy are really , 40,41 and 42….
    It’s was made to have you think the O Man was fifth but really he was LAST………
    ” turn out the lights , the Party’s over , all good things must come to an end ” Sung by Dandy Don Merideth……..


  4. Ahhhhh……It’s just my cynicism coming through, 11th. I still want some of what you’re smoking though……

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