Gun Control Fallout–Colorado

Two key players in the gun control issue in Colorado were recalled.  John Morse and Angela Giron were handed their walking papers by the Colorado Voters. I’m actually a bit surprised.  They way Colorado has been voting I half expected both to survive the vote. 

Both Colorado Democrats have will now be replaced with Republicans. 

When I moved to Colorado nearly twenty years ago this was a very red state.  Over the years an influx of liberals leaving their failing states have resettled here bringing the same broken ideas with them.

While this still leaves the gun control laws that were passed and most Sheriffs say are un-enforceable, in place it’s a start.  Democrats still hold a majority in the State House and Senate. There’s still lots of work to be done.

Meanwhile California just passed an extended ban on semi_automatics.  I wonder if a lot of guns will now go on sale?  Humm.

(Reuters) – New sales of semi-automatic rifles with removable magazines would be banned in California under a bill passed by the Democratic-led state legislature on Tuesday, and those who already own such weapons would have to register them.

Don’t worry folks just because they ask you to register your weapons doesn’t ‘t mean their tracking you.  Just trust them.


4 thoughts on “Gun Control Fallout–Colorado

  1. Gun Laws here in California still never stopped my Uncle from getting a 9 mm and killing two of my aunts and himself. Gun Laws will not stop killing with weapons because the weapon did not do the Killing. The person pulling the trigger does.


  2. I think Mr Biden needs to stay out of our State Politics. Going against the will of your constituents has consequences. First time in Colorado history a politician has been recalled. It’s time our representatives answered to us instead of the party.

  3. Chili , that would be nice if the ones we vote into office do their job instead of making a Political Career for their Families.


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