Situation normal in Pakistan

Pakistan to free Taliban leader Mullah Baradar-By Bill Roggio

Pakistan is planning on freeing Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Afghan Taliban’s second in command before he was detained in Karachi in 2010, an adviser to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said. But Baradar will be released in Pakistan and will not be handed over to Afghan officials.

While the Pakistani government may be touting the release of Baradar as part of its efforts to promote peace in Afghanistan, the move may be part of the military and intelligence establishment’s efforts to bolster the Taliban’s leadership cadre. The Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, Pakistan’s notorious military intelligence service, has long supported the Taliban, and has allowed their leadership councils to operate unfettered in the country.

The release of Baradar inside Pakistan also runs the risk that he may return to the Taliban and rejoin the fight against the Afghan government and Coalition forces. Afghan officials have had difficulty tracking Taliban leaders once they have been released by Pakistan. Numerous Taliban commanders and fighters, including Zakir, have rejoined the fight after being released in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

So, our friends who we’ve given millions upon millions are continuing in their normal ways.  This is the result of the “Carrot and the Stick” foreign policy minus the stick. 


4 thoughts on “Situation normal in Pakistan

  1. We give them millions to keep their Nuclear Arsonal at Bay. Which is a dumb idea. They are a Terrorist Country and should be treated as one. Just my Opinion….


  2. I think we actually had a chance at one time with Pakistan. But when you give free stuff away for no return it kind of takes the incentive away. Hey I think that applies to other issues also. Hummm.

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