McCain and O’Bagy

How does a 26 year old become a leading expert on Syria?


Exclusive: McCain Hires Controversial Syria Analyst Elizabeth O’Bagy

O’Bagy, who is 26, was abruptly shown the door a week later, after it was confirmed that she had padded her academic credentials with a Ph.D. from Georgetown University. She also failed to disclose in her op-ed that she was part of a pro-Syrian rebel political group, the Syrian Emergency Task Force.

Well belonging to a pro-Syrian rebel political group helps I guess.

"Elizabeth is a talented researcher, and I have been very impressed by her knowledge and analysis in multiple briefings over the last year," McCain told The Cable in a statement. "I look forward to her joining my office." McCain’s office said there would be no further comment on the matter.

Translated – She writes what I want said. 

John McCain needs to go. 


When we knew how to win wars

Kill or be killed from the War Department (not defense department).  This film was made back when we knew how to win wars.  I dare say it would be way to politically incorrect for todays ROE. A little cheesy in some spots but some damn good points.

American supplied arms with Al Qaeda

Long war Journal :

Report: American-supplied arms fell into al Qaeda’s hands
By Thomas Joscelyn September 19, 2013 12:45 PM

Buried in an interesting account by The Wall Street Journal is this nugget of information (emphasis added):

The Supreme Military Council, led by Gen. Idriss, has been the focus of U.S. efforts to bring a command-and-control structure to rebels–but has now lost to the Islamist extremists most of its ability to operate in some parts of the north.

ISIS fighters recently raided a council arms depot filled with lights [sic] weapons and ammunition, funded by the Gulf states and funneled to the council with the guidance of the Central Intelligence Agency, council members said.

The ISIS is, of course, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, one of two al Qaeda affiliates fighting in Syria. The other is the Al Nusrah Front, which continues to fight alongside its ISIL brethren despite a dispute between the two affiliates’ emirs.

No worries, it’s all under control. 

Defund Obamacare good or bad idea?

The House just passed a bill to fund the Government until Dec 15 (another problem) and not fund Obamacare.  Was this a good idea?  Will it work?  Even if it doesn’t work will it create an atmosphere that will help or hurt the GOP in the future?

I don’t have the answer to that. Obamacare was passed plain and simple.  I’m not sure the defunding is the correct way to go.  It doesn’t matter if it was rammed through Congress or not.  They had a chance to vote and certainly many who voted for it could have said no, lets wait a bit to “see what’s in it”.  Yes, it was voted in along party lines but let’s fact it, the Democrats held both the House and Senate back then.  So, if Obamacare is no good, well that is the fault of our populace in general.  So, shouldn’t we let it go into law so that we can all feel the effects of this legislation?

I personally think Obamacare will be disaster but it’s a disaster we asked for.  Blinded by greatness of the One, some of us handed the sheep over to the wolves.  Now we get to pay up (this is only one of the many payments).

It’s not that I like the situation and maybe this GOP strategy will work, I don’t know.  But the law needs to be repealed not just defunded.

The Senate of course won’t pass this and will most likely strip the defunding part of the bill and it will go back to the House.  Then what?

The plan may be simply to have the vote noted and then when the bill returns to the House they pass it without the Obamacare provision.

We still have no budget. They’ve only kicked the can again.

It’s all a big game in DC with us paying the bank.  Once again a real budget won’t be passed and our economic future will continue to be uncertain and jobs will not follow.

Such are the times we live in.

Update: Correction to title:  Defund not defend.  Oops

Break from the news

Every so often I have to take a little break from the news.  I get so frustrated listening to talking heads and news anchors that have no idea what they are talking about. I just have to shut it down.  It doesn’t matter what station your watching either.  They are all in such a hurry to get something, anything out that rumors and random opinion are substitutes for news. With experts that are not actually experts used to fill time. 

The Navy Yard shooting was a great example of how bad the networks and cable news are.  Nearly all of the information the first day was wrong.  It wasn’t just a little bit wrong but off the mark by miles in some cases.  Now the anchors tell us that the information is breaking and could be wrong.  Well here’s and idea, don’t report it till it’s verified and double sources.  Wasn’t that the standard at one time? 

I’m not a John Stewart fan but sometimes he hits the mark.  Below is an example.

In reality there is very little real news these days. What I mean is news where just facts are presented and you the viewer / reader can decide what you make of it.  Today you have to sift through tons of opinionated and biased (all sides) reporting then double check every line for information only to find that there are no facts at all in the report.

Is this by accident or plan.  There is the need to fill time and this invariably leads to anchors saying many dumb things.  But is it really bad to go on with other news until there is something new to report?

Then there is the idea that maybe this is part of “The plan”, to keep the people out of the loop and confused.  Unable to discern the truth and make decisions, thus requiring political operatives to tell us what to think.  That is never good.

In depth fact based reports are few and far between.  It’s all sound bite news, with short little segments of guests pushing agendas for 3 minutes then on to the next issue. We need to slow it down.

I think I’ll read some good books the next few days.  I already have The Devil we Don’t Know by Nonie Darwish and George Washington a biography in his own words lined up. 

devil we don't know   george-washington-a-biography-in-

Gun Control Fallout–Colorado

Two key players in the gun control issue in Colorado were recalled.  John Morse and Angela Giron were handed their walking papers by the Colorado Voters. I’m actually a bit surprised.  They way Colorado has been voting I half expected both to survive the vote. 

Both Colorado Democrats have will now be replaced with Republicans. 

When I moved to Colorado nearly twenty years ago this was a very red state.  Over the years an influx of liberals leaving their failing states have resettled here bringing the same broken ideas with them.

While this still leaves the gun control laws that were passed and most Sheriffs say are un-enforceable, in place it’s a start.  Democrats still hold a majority in the State House and Senate. There’s still lots of work to be done.

Meanwhile California just passed an extended ban on semi_automatics.  I wonder if a lot of guns will now go on sale?  Humm.

(Reuters) – New sales of semi-automatic rifles with removable magazines would be banned in California under a bill passed by the Democratic-led state legislature on Tuesday, and those who already own such weapons would have to register them.

Don’t worry folks just because they ask you to register your weapons doesn’t ‘t mean their tracking you.  Just trust them.

Situation normal in Pakistan

Pakistan to free Taliban leader Mullah Baradar-By Bill Roggio

Pakistan is planning on freeing Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Afghan Taliban’s second in command before he was detained in Karachi in 2010, an adviser to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said. But Baradar will be released in Pakistan and will not be handed over to Afghan officials.

While the Pakistani government may be touting the release of Baradar as part of its efforts to promote peace in Afghanistan, the move may be part of the military and intelligence establishment’s efforts to bolster the Taliban’s leadership cadre. The Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, Pakistan’s notorious military intelligence service, has long supported the Taliban, and has allowed their leadership councils to operate unfettered in the country.

The release of Baradar inside Pakistan also runs the risk that he may return to the Taliban and rejoin the fight against the Afghan government and Coalition forces. Afghan officials have had difficulty tracking Taliban leaders once they have been released by Pakistan. Numerous Taliban commanders and fighters, including Zakir, have rejoined the fight after being released in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

So, our friends who we’ve given millions upon millions are continuing in their normal ways.  This is the result of the “Carrot and the Stick” foreign policy minus the stick.