Syria, should we attack?

I guess I should post something on Syria. It seems that President Obama has boxed himself in pretty well. If he attacks Syria and doesn’t remove Assad it looks like he’s just attacked because he drew a red line he never thought he’d actually have to act upon. A rocket or two that accomplish nothing won’t improve the status much. If he removes Assad and the rebels  take Syria and install an Al-Qaeda regime well  that will most likely cause us even more trouble then Assad himself.

Support from other countries for intervention seems to be waning. So, does he go it alone? You know, doing what he formally stated was not constitutional? Not that the Constitution slows this President down much.

In all fairness it’s a no win situation now. He’ll look weak if he does nothing. Which is what I support. But that’s why off the cuff statements must be kept to a minimum.

Perhaps we should just support the rebels for a while then Assad for a while and keep this war going on until the desire for peace reaches every man, women and child. Then perhaps a small spot of order will emerge.


5 thoughts on “Syria, should we attack?

  1. Am I the only one to see that the administration will use this as either, A. a win if congress approves action, or B. Blame Republicans in Congress if they vote it down? This is nothing more than political kabuki again. What a bunch of children and cowards.

  2. After listening to McCain and Graham insult their fellow congressmen and the US citizenries intelligence, I now firmly stand on the side opposing any and all action in Syria. Those two are so close to the problem they can’t see the forest for the trees. While civil war deaths are tragic, neither side is of a benefit to the US. At least we “found” the WMD’s from Iraq that Sadaam sent there 10 years ago.

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