Job cuts at NSA, thanks Snowden

National Security Agency director General Keith Alexander defended the controversial programs disclosed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and said Thursday his agency was taking steps to prevent future leaks by working to reducing the number of system administrators—the same position Snowden held—by 90 percent.

Dammit, more unemployed and competition for jobs.

It’s very interesting that they can cut Sys Admins by 90%.  That would indicate a whole lot of waste built in wouldn’t it?  That’s why we are still furloughing people and the White House tours are shut down.

Alexander said the agency was transitioning to a cloud structure that would rely on machines instead of people to transfer secure data.

Expect spillage.

We are being run by the very bestest.


5 thoughts on “Job cuts at NSA, thanks Snowden

  1. And they are cutting loose a bunch of people who had access to just about everything and now are pissed off–move over Snowden, good thing Russia is real big.

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