We keep the Taliban and Al-Qaeda funded

Afghanistan: Taliban backers win £100m in US contracts

The US government has awarded more than $150m (£98m) in contracts to companies and individuals in Afghanistan that are known to support the Taliban, according to a US spending watchdog.

Multimillion dollar contracts have been given over the past five years to 43 companies working in construction, logistics, road building and IT that have links to the insurgents.

This isn’t a surprise which is why I began advocating an Afghan pull out a few years ago.  We are not now nor have we been fighting a real war in many years.  I honestly don’t know if it’s the “Military Industrial Complex”, or just incompetence and political correctness at the highest levels but we cannot fight and win wars anymore. 


One thought on “We keep the Taliban and Al-Qaeda funded

  1. Democrats have control of the military industrial complex, at least more than many people might realize.

    John Kerry, Murtha, Diane Feinstein are just 3 names on the list.

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