EEOC says you can’t do background checks

or, must hire criminals.  Can’t discriminate just because your not trust worthy…

States attorneys now opposing fed’s opposition to criminal background checks for new hires

Attorneys general across the country are fighting back against new Obama administration guidelines on businesses using criminal background checks for job applicants and two federal lawsuits that followed, calling both “a quintessential example of gross federal overreach.”

<Sarc tag> We shouldn’t allow checking up on their education either, or check on references.  Hell let’s just hire without an interview.  Resume? First off, to expect someone to be able to write a resume is discriminatory let alone actually fill out an application.  But this only applies if the correct box is checked on the diversity questionnaire. <Sarc tag>

The nine attorneys general sent the letter Wednesday to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which in April 2012 voted in favor of the new guidelines that warn such checks can discriminate against African-Americans because they being are arrested at a disproportionate rate compared to the rest of the U.S. population.

Notice the typo..  LMAO. Shaking my head.  I know it’s only a typo and I’m not one to talk about typos. I’m horrible at double checking my posts.  Of course I don’t get paid to do this.  Check it quickly before they fix it.  

In the BMW case, the EEOC alleges that when the company required contract employees at the South Carolina plant to reapply for their jobs in 2008 a disproportionate percentage of those terminated were black, including some who had already worked for company contractors.

The suit also alleges BMW’s policy doesn’t consider the nature of the crimes or how long ago they were committed.

<Sarc tag> Yeah it sucks when their past criminal activity catches up with them.  But why should they be denied jobs just because there are others who haven’t committed crimes in their past and have obeyed the law? Frankly they should be at the front of the line since they’ve been unfairly out of the job market for a while. <Sarc tag> 

Now don’t get me wrong, I find the legal system a mess and it’s not hard these days to be cast a criminal when nearly everything we do breaks some law.  But it’s easy to see what this guidance is about and it’s not equality or fairness. 

Kevin Connell, chairman of the Florida-based employment and tenant screening company, told on Saturday he doesn’t expect the EEOC to reverse course, but the letter is a step in the right direction.

“I’m cautiously optimistic,” he said. “My concern is the EEOC is trying to create a protected classes, which is former criminals. Anybody with some intelligence can see that.”

<Sarc tag> Smooth Kevin, but we can see your code words.  Former criminal? Humm, who are you really referring to.  Racist!!! <Sarc tag>

This works out perfect for me as I’m still looking for work and I’m in a pissy mood.  A few drinks and a wild night on the town should boost my job prospects considerably. 

Sarc tag’s are for my slower readers.  Wait they probably don’t know what Sarc tags are?  Damn! 


One thought on “EEOC says you can’t do background checks

  1. It’s not like they checked Obama out either. Hassan at Ft. Hood was pure. Marathon bombers, pure.

    The Leftist alliance is not so much a set of holes in the bucket as a bunch of crabs pulling back down those trying to escape the hell pit.

    Current Leftist crims got to look out for former crims, I guess.

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