Pakistan seeking trade

Pakistan may seek to trade hero Afridi for Al Qaeda-linked terrorist

Pakistan is preparing a proposal to swap the doctor who helped the CIA pinpoint Usama bin Laden for a notorious female neuroscientist and suspected Al Qaeda operative being held at a federal prison in Texas, has learned.

The exchange would involve Dr. Shakil Afridi, the pro-America doctor whose vaccination ruse helped establish the terror kingpin’s presence in an Abbottabad compound prior to the Navy SEAL raid that killed him, and Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. Siddiqui is a U.S.-trained neurosurgeon who left Massachusetts after 9/11 and resurfaced in Afghanistan where she was arrested for trying to kill U.S. soldiers.

If this is true, I think we can safely move Pakistan from ally to enemy. Which for the most part they have been for last ten years anyway.  while we are at it, we might as well move Afghanistan President Karzai also since he appears to think it’s ok to charge us to move our equipment out of his country.

Afghan customs fines hike cost of US military pullout

WASHINGTON (AFP) –  A customs dispute between the Afghan and US governments has disrupted the withdrawal of American military equipment, dramatically inflating the cost of the drawdown, defense officials said.

"The cost is five to seven times more" by aircraft than over land through neighboring Pakistan, a defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AFP.

The Afghan government is insisting that US forces pay $1,000 for each shipping container leaving the country that lacks what it calls a valid customs form.

And authorities now claim the Americans owe $70 million in fines, even though the United States contends that Kabul’s stance contradicts previous agreements, said US officials, confirming a report that first appeared in the Washington Post.

We were way to soft with these people.  The leadership I mean not the average Paki-Afghan who are getting it from all sides.


4 thoughts on “Pakistan seeking trade

  1. Well, that’s the problem we will pay. We certainly don’t have to. But our weak ass leaders most likely will cave.

  2. Afghans got to eat with something. After all, Obama is printing free trillions to stuff himself and I’m sure Karzai just wants a slice for his tribe. Perfectly reasonable in those lands.

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