Zimmerman and the aftermath

George Zimmerman was acquitted.  Of course he was.  There was nowhere near enough evidence to convict George of either 2nd Degree Murder or Manslaughter.  Yet the race baiters are in full force.  This was a trial that should have never taken place but political forces needed the race card thrown one more time for an election. The prosecution put on a laughable case.  Their star witnesses help the defense more then their own side.  

The primary argument I’ve seen used against George Zimmerman is that he pursued Trayvon thus provoking the fight.  This is the narrative but it doesn’t hold up to the 911 call or the evidence presented.  While Zimmerman did follow Trayvon (not against the law) to see what he was up to, he also called the police.  The 911 call supports Zimmerman’s account.  But the facts don’t matter. He had lost sight of Tryavon and was planning to meet the police next to the clubhouse, not stalking the “kid”. 

This case seems to indicate many Americans think it’s not ok to keep watch of your own neighborhood.  How many would say that if they had been saved by a neighborhood watch?  If not the locals in the neighborhood who?  The Police.  Ok, So who reports it to them. Who watches for trouble.  Are we now supposed to believe that we are not legally allowed to defend ourselves and our neighborhoods? 

This is an unfortunate event.  An event that is now used to keep us at each others throats while those race baiters and politicians clean us out.  They are the real criminals in all of this.  While rioters / protestors located nowhere near this event destroy private property and hurt their own neighbors the instigators will create more laws to take away more freedoms and profit on the chaos.  All in plain view. 


6 thoughts on “Zimmerman and the aftermath

  1. JB, who cares? Other than the families immediately involved of course.

    There are so many more important things going on in the world right now.

  2. Aha, ANAN, you are correct and this is a nice diversion. With all of the very important issue facing the nation right now why would the DOJ want to highlight this case? Hummm?

  3. I am for the zero option…… Just my opinion…. Leaving advisors in the Stan will only get them killed anyway….
    Zimmerman is innocent as far as the justice system sees it. Nuff said….


  4. Al Sharpton will care.

    Because come the Revolution, there’ll be a list and on it will be names writ in red. Some will be higher up than others, but all will be treated with egalitarianism and fairness.

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