What transparency can produce

Businessinsider.com has and interesting article on a new message encryption app being designed by Peter Sunde. 

One of the co-founders of the Pirate Bay — the file sharing website where users can download boatloads of illegal content — is creating an encrypted messaging app called Heml.is.

Heml.is, which means "secret" in Swedish, will keep prying government eyes away by using end-to-end encryption, a system so secure that even its founders say they can’t see your messages, even if they tried. "No one can spy on you, not even us."


Hemlis Screenshot

Seecrypt is also out there.  I don’t own a smart phone so I can’t tell you how well these things work but I suspect as we get more information on government surveillance smart programmers will continue to create applications like this.  Of course governments have lots of influence with tech companies and compromise is always possible even with new apps. 

I like one time pads, but then I’m an old SF Commo guy at heart. Now if I can just get my Morse code skills back…


4 thoughts on “What transparency can produce

  1. Never got into morse code….Well we all know…
    I always thought that made an Egyption Smiley Face…lol….


  2. QSL _ _ . _ . . . _. _ _ ‘I confirm that I received your transmission’
    ._. .- ._. or R AR or Roger out.

    It pretty much went out the window for us just after I spent two iterations in the AIMC course (advance international Morse code) that was 16 weeks in total. I did my testing in the SF Q course listening to code over a PRC-104 radio while a damn C-130 was flying overhead. But I got it all.

  3. Be carefully JB about being able to listen so well…. the wife may read this and I know first hand how not listening so close can come in Handy sometimes…lol….

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