And I can’t get an IT job interview?

This is would be funny as hell if it weren’t for the fact it’s taxpayer’s money and shows once again there must be an IQ limit to hire Government workers. 

Too much? Audit shows agency destroyed computers, keyboards, mice over virus fear

WASHINGTON –  In an almost cartoonish response to a relatively minor problem, employees at the obscure Economic Development Administration took a hammer to their computers, keyboards and mice to physically destroy every piece of technology they had after incorrectly believing their network had been hacked.

Not only was the reaction unorthodox and unnecessary, it cost $2.7 million in damages — more than half the agency’s annual technology budget, according to a recently released inspector general report


4 thoughts on “And I can’t get an IT job interview?

  1. This is insane, yet this is our tax payer funded government in action. They are idiotic, and hypocritical. Medical Marijuana is legal in the District of Columbia, so they can spark up a J for their illnesses, yet a seriously ill person who is unfortunate enough to live in a non medical marijuana state will be jailed, fined, and get a criminal record for trying to alleviate the problems they face with their illness.

    When will the insanity stop??

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