Thoughts on Snowden

In response to a comment by 11th ACR, this will be my second post on Edward Snowden. In my first post “Did he even have access” I addressed the possibility of Snowden having access. I believe he probably did. Although not Snowden post per se, I posted about the NSA and the programs it may be undertaking in “NSA got your number”. This post will be solely on Snowden and what should happen to him.

First I’ll say I’m conflicted. While I believe leakers are a serious problem for national security, I’ve also seen the system used to benefit some and not others. When information that the administration, any administration, is purposely leaked to benefit those in charge it’s not seen as a big deal. The problem is that only certain key points are released to create the narrative that the administration at the time wishes to put out. This cannot be refuted since it’s all classified. Often this can contribute to the harming of national security. This is not transparency or even honesty. It’s spin, spin at the expense of our safety.

The other issue I have is that if the American public don’t know at least the outline of what their own government is doing how can they let their voices be known in elections or policy debates? While sources and methods have traditionally been off limits, the concepts of operations have been known in many national security programs. I for one, can’t simply trust our officials. I want oversight and rule of law that is enforceable. Without someone checking up on our national security apparatus it is too easy for good intentions to be misused. Unfortunately our elected officials often don’t seem up to the oversight task and spend more time raising money than actually sitting on their various committees.

With that said what do I think of Snowden? Well, from reports I’ve read it would appear Mr. Snowden is and has been very naïve or very sneaky. He didn’t appear to have anything against the current administration but came to see the programs run by the government as dangerous to the American public.

So, is he a hero or a traitor? Frankly he’s looking more like a traitor everyday, however, I would be happy to see a trial and give him a chance to explain how leaking national security secrets was not a crime. If it’s found he was paid in anyway, he’s done. If he actually took those secrets and files with him to China, Russia and has them on his laptops, he’s done. So, he has a pretty big hurdle to climb to get on the right side of things with me.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Snowden

  1. I feel that he is a Traitor. I am not sure what Our Government would do if they get their hands on him , but it would not be nice.
    Just before I left for Nam the Army was screwing over me. I got a local Congressman involved. After a week in Nam there was a Government Inquiry into my problem with the Army. The problem was resolved but in the end of my Tour , two days before I got on that Freedom Bird to come home I was escorted by a few Military Police to the Presidential Bunker in Long Bin Vietnam. I was interrogated for around thirty minutes or so. Kinda like a Mickey Spillane Movie where they take you to a dark room with a bright light on you so you can’t see anyone around you. I was threatened about my Freedom and was told not to get out of line once I was at home and that they would be watching me. Oh and not to tell anyone that this happened. I was not charged with anything nor was I given any rights , this is long before the Patriot Act. So the spying and Snowden giving away secrets is nothing different than the way the government has acted for ever. This leak of info doesn’t even bother any other Country because this is just old hat.


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