Trayvon Martin’s Mother wants law repealed

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. –  The mother of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin and a prominent black lawyers’ organization are keeping up the pressure for repeal of "stand your ground" self-defense laws.

Stand your ground was never used as a defense in the George Zimmerman case but don’t let that fact stop you.   

At this time, a repeal doesn’t seem likely but it does make news.


Another new uniform? WTF

I had written a longer statement on how I feel about this but really”what difference does it make”. Priorities I guess.  

ACU-Alternate uniform offers more fit options

FORT SILL, Okla. (July 8, 2013) — A new Army Combat Uniform with special consideration to the female form is now at Fort Sill, and it is being issued to new Soldiers going through Basic Combat Training.

The new uniform, several years in the making, was initially considered as being the first female-only uniform, but instead is now approved for both sexes and is being called ACU-A for Army Combat Uniform-Alternate.

womens acu

The approved for both sexes statement is interesting.  So, you tiny shoulder fat  umm large rear end guys are now in luck. 

EEOC says you can’t do background checks

or, must hire criminals.  Can’t discriminate just because your not trust worthy…

States attorneys now opposing fed’s opposition to criminal background checks for new hires

Attorneys general across the country are fighting back against new Obama administration guidelines on businesses using criminal background checks for job applicants and two federal lawsuits that followed, calling both “a quintessential example of gross federal overreach.”

<Sarc tag> We shouldn’t allow checking up on their education either, or check on references.  Hell let’s just hire without an interview.  Resume? First off, to expect someone to be able to write a resume is discriminatory let alone actually fill out an application.  But this only applies if the correct box is checked on the diversity questionnaire. <Sarc tag>

The nine attorneys general sent the letter Wednesday to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which in April 2012 voted in favor of the new guidelines that warn such checks can discriminate against African-Americans because they being are arrested at a disproportionate rate compared to the rest of the U.S. population.

Notice the typo..  LMAO. Shaking my head.  I know it’s only a typo and I’m not one to talk about typos. I’m horrible at double checking my posts.  Of course I don’t get paid to do this.  Check it quickly before they fix it.  

In the BMW case, the EEOC alleges that when the company required contract employees at the South Carolina plant to reapply for their jobs in 2008 a disproportionate percentage of those terminated were black, including some who had already worked for company contractors.

The suit also alleges BMW’s policy doesn’t consider the nature of the crimes or how long ago they were committed.

<Sarc tag> Yeah it sucks when their past criminal activity catches up with them.  But why should they be denied jobs just because there are others who haven’t committed crimes in their past and have obeyed the law? Frankly they should be at the front of the line since they’ve been unfairly out of the job market for a while. <Sarc tag> 

Now don’t get me wrong, I find the legal system a mess and it’s not hard these days to be cast a criminal when nearly everything we do breaks some law.  But it’s easy to see what this guidance is about and it’s not equality or fairness. 

Kevin Connell, chairman of the Florida-based employment and tenant screening company, told on Saturday he doesn’t expect the EEOC to reverse course, but the letter is a step in the right direction.

“I’m cautiously optimistic,” he said. “My concern is the EEOC is trying to create a protected classes, which is former criminals. Anybody with some intelligence can see that.”

<Sarc tag> Smooth Kevin, but we can see your code words.  Former criminal? Humm, who are you really referring to.  Racist!!! <Sarc tag>

This works out perfect for me as I’m still looking for work and I’m in a pissy mood.  A few drinks and a wild night on the town should boost my job prospects considerably. 

Sarc tag’s are for my slower readers.  Wait they probably don’t know what Sarc tags are?  Damn! 

Pakistan seeking trade

Pakistan may seek to trade hero Afridi for Al Qaeda-linked terrorist

Pakistan is preparing a proposal to swap the doctor who helped the CIA pinpoint Usama bin Laden for a notorious female neuroscientist and suspected Al Qaeda operative being held at a federal prison in Texas, has learned.

The exchange would involve Dr. Shakil Afridi, the pro-America doctor whose vaccination ruse helped establish the terror kingpin’s presence in an Abbottabad compound prior to the Navy SEAL raid that killed him, and Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. Siddiqui is a U.S.-trained neurosurgeon who left Massachusetts after 9/11 and resurfaced in Afghanistan where she was arrested for trying to kill U.S. soldiers.

If this is true, I think we can safely move Pakistan from ally to enemy. Which for the most part they have been for last ten years anyway.  while we are at it, we might as well move Afghanistan President Karzai also since he appears to think it’s ok to charge us to move our equipment out of his country.

Afghan customs fines hike cost of US military pullout

WASHINGTON (AFP) –  A customs dispute between the Afghan and US governments has disrupted the withdrawal of American military equipment, dramatically inflating the cost of the drawdown, defense officials said.

"The cost is five to seven times more" by aircraft than over land through neighboring Pakistan, a defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AFP.

The Afghan government is insisting that US forces pay $1,000 for each shipping container leaving the country that lacks what it calls a valid customs form.

And authorities now claim the Americans owe $70 million in fines, even though the United States contends that Kabul’s stance contradicts previous agreements, said US officials, confirming a report that first appeared in the Washington Post.

We were way to soft with these people.  The leadership I mean not the average Paki-Afghan who are getting it from all sides.

Arming Syrian Rebels, mistake after mistake

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama can go ahead with a plan for the United States to arm the struggling Syrian rebels after some congressional concerns were eased, a key Republican lawmaker said on Monday.

The White House announced in June that it would offer military aid to vetted groups of Syrian rebels after two years of balking at directly sending arms to the opposition.


I’m real curious to see how we vet a rebel group.  “Hey guy’s you won’t turn those weapons on us later will you?”.  “ Oh no!, don’t worry we’re your friends”.  “Hey good to go then.”  The rubber stamp firmly pressed.

Freaking insane.  This will not end well for the US and it will cost us.  It will cost us in money and most likely lives.  Looks like John McCain and the President greased the right skids. 

As far as I can tell this is not a popular move but then do Americans really pay attention to anything?  Well maybe their EBT card balance.

Just ignore the news coming from the front lines in Syria. 

Syrian rebel infighting undermines anti-Assad effort

Risk of chemical catastrophe Syria’s Assad goes

(Reuters) – The local commander of a Syrian rebel group affiliated to al Qaeda was freed on Sunday after being held by Kurdish forces in a power struggle between rival organisations fighting President Bashar al-Assad, activists said.

US Marshals lose track of equipment

US Marshals lose 2000 encrypted radios.  2000?  Damn. Wouldn’t this be considered a sensitive item, tracked by serial numbers and issued out on hand receipts? Where are the checks and balances, the oversight of management and supervisors?

The guys in the field I tend to give a break but to those that are responsible, those that make pretty damn good money to be accountable simply aren’t anymore.  Logistics and equipment accountability can be a pain in the rear but it’s necessary.  That’s not counting the potential for intelligence loss.  The Marshal Service says there’s no evidence that public safety has been jeopardized.  If they can’t find their encrypted radios can they find evidence?

It doesn’t surprise me though, I’ve seen the same attitude in places I’ve worked in government and the contracting arena.  It’s the “I didn’t pay for it” mentality. In Afghanistan I watched an organization spend months tracking down thousands of dollars worth of IT equipment.  Most of it was found but the main problem was simply no one wanted to be responsible and track it in the first place.

…The U.S. Marshals Service has lost track of approximately 2,000 encrypted two-way radios worth millions of dollars, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday…

…The agency’s Office of Strategic Technology raised another concern in a 2011 presentation, saying “It is apparent that negligence and incompetence has resulted in a grievous mismanagement of millions of dollars of USMS property … Simply put, the entire system is broken and drastic measures need to be taken to address the issues … The 800-pound elephant in the room needs to finally be acknowledged.”





Bree sums it up, IRS scandal, umm how about talking Trayvon.  Detroit bankrupt, hey how about the Zimmerman case, Bengazi witnesses forces to sign Non-Discloser statements, So about the trail in Florida…

Standard operations at DOJ and Treasury?

EXCLUSIVE: Feds admit improper scrutiny of candidate, donor tax records

The Treasury Department has admitted for the first time that confidential tax records of several political candidates and campaign donors were improperly scrutinized by government officials, but the Justice Department has declined to prosecute any of the cases.

This why small government is necessary.  It doesn’t matter which party is in power, the fact is our system is too big and there is no accountability at all anymore.

Zimmerman and the aftermath

George Zimmerman was acquitted.  Of course he was.  There was nowhere near enough evidence to convict George of either 2nd Degree Murder or Manslaughter.  Yet the race baiters are in full force.  This was a trial that should have never taken place but political forces needed the race card thrown one more time for an election. The prosecution put on a laughable case.  Their star witnesses help the defense more then their own side.  

The primary argument I’ve seen used against George Zimmerman is that he pursued Trayvon thus provoking the fight.  This is the narrative but it doesn’t hold up to the 911 call or the evidence presented.  While Zimmerman did follow Trayvon (not against the law) to see what he was up to, he also called the police.  The 911 call supports Zimmerman’s account.  But the facts don’t matter. He had lost sight of Tryavon and was planning to meet the police next to the clubhouse, not stalking the “kid”. 

This case seems to indicate many Americans think it’s not ok to keep watch of your own neighborhood.  How many would say that if they had been saved by a neighborhood watch?  If not the locals in the neighborhood who?  The Police.  Ok, So who reports it to them. Who watches for trouble.  Are we now supposed to believe that we are not legally allowed to defend ourselves and our neighborhoods? 

This is an unfortunate event.  An event that is now used to keep us at each others throats while those race baiters and politicians clean us out.  They are the real criminals in all of this.  While rioters / protestors located nowhere near this event destroy private property and hurt their own neighbors the instigators will create more laws to take away more freedoms and profit on the chaos.  All in plain view. 

And I can’t get an IT job interview?

This is would be funny as hell if it weren’t for the fact it’s taxpayer’s money and shows once again there must be an IQ limit to hire Government workers. 

Too much? Audit shows agency destroyed computers, keyboards, mice over virus fear

WASHINGTON –  In an almost cartoonish response to a relatively minor problem, employees at the obscure Economic Development Administration took a hammer to their computers, keyboards and mice to physically destroy every piece of technology they had after incorrectly believing their network had been hacked.

Not only was the reaction unorthodox and unnecessary, it cost $2.7 million in damages — more than half the agency’s annual technology budget, according to a recently released inspector general report