Our government in chaos

Your government at work.

US Park Police lost track of huge supply of weapons, report says

The U.S. Park Police has lost track of a huge supply of handguns, rifles and shotguns, according to a report released Thursday on the law enforcement agency responsible for safeguarding the National Mall and critical American landmarks.

In the scathing report, the inspector general’s office of the Department of Interior faults staff at the agency for having no idea how many weapons they control and says the department has no clear policies or procedures for investigating missing weapons. The office said top managers, including the police chief, have shown a "lackadaisical attitude toward firearms management."

I’ve got about 24 years with the military and it’s often hard to grasp just how out of control our civilian side is.  Is no one, anywhere in government accountable for anything?  It seems not.

I’m not talking about conspiracies here just plain incompetence.

Weapons accountability isn’t difficult, just like financial accountability.  However, if you never make any leaders pay for mistakes who will care?  It’s a top down thing. 


8 thoughts on “Our government in chaos

  1. Civilians are horrible when it comes to responsibility , organization , deployment of anything. The Military on the other hand are Experts. I know that some may not think so but I have seen both sides of that street. I went into the Calif. Natl. Guard and went back to being a Cobra Mechanic. I questioned a lot of their repairs and they told me the tolerances were different on the civilian side. I told them I have never seen a Cobra used for Traffic Watch. I refused to fly in their trash and told superiors how dangerous their aircraft were. Nothing done and no more said. I also remember when Reagan shit canned the air traffic controllers here in Calif. He replaced them with the Best in the World , Military. I believed all around the country were Military. We have the Best Military in the World because it is not run by the Private Sector.

  2. LOL, 11th that wasn’t the point. It wasn’t a military civilian thing. It’s a government in total thing.

    The point is I’ve had to account for weapons, a pretty decent amount and it’s not that hard. but you must feel a sense of responsibility and know that someone will be accountable or discipline fails.

    The military loses all kinds of stuff. Hell we give it away overseas and just write it off. At the lower levels someone usually pays. Unfortunately at the upper levels not as much. Lose your pistol and your career’s over. Lose 10000 and it’s written off.

    If your a true civilian well your company gets to make the call. It’s usually the same though, low level manager will get fired and possibly arrested while the board members get a pass. Perhaps it’s just our society now.

    The thing is, if a civilian company has turds who steal or are incompetent it’s their business. If the Government has those people isn’t it all of our business?

  3. Thanks for the rebuttal JB….always informative as usual….
    And Chili ill bet that cup has more than Coffee in it…….((Maybe Cream)) lol…….

  4. Somebody’s obviously selling some on the black market, the way the Russians did it.

    or maybe they are getting ready for the verdict on Zimmerman’s trial. All sorts of opportunities for “Emergency Rule”.

  5. So JB no comments on Snowden? I think he should be Hung in a town Square for all to see…..but that’s just me….


  6. Well since Zimmerman got brought up and I believe it relevant to this post, here goes. He needs to go through the legal system and WE need to wait for all the facts to come out. Zimmerman was convicted by the media and many, many racists before he was even charged. It’s looking more and more like he shot that fool in self defense. I believe that one of the things that seperates us from other countries is our legal system. LLet it work.

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