Trying out a tablet, not the kind you think

I bought a WACOM Bamboo tablet.  These are not the IPAD or Android tablets but a drawing tablet.  I like to draw and love some of the digital art I’ve seen but haven’t really tried the digital tablet till now. 

The toughest thing about a tablet is the fact that you watch the screen and draw on the tablet.  That takes a little time to get used to.  Below is the first thing I did.  It’s pretty shaky but I did it quickly and didn’t keep cleaning it up.  It was really just to try out the tablet.


Yeah it needs work but it only took me about a hour.  The second picture was a drawing of a boxer.  Why a boxer?  No idea just started doodling.  This one was more a practice in layers and background.  But still kind of fun.  Again not good or finished even but fun to play with.

boxer1 copy


7 thoughts on “Trying out a tablet, not the kind you think

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  2. You call that shaky? The imperfections is what makes it art, JB. I’m sure I could find an engineers drawing that would be perfect. Very, very nice.

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