Current Reading

Ok, I just finished Alex Berenson’s The Night Ranger.  This is one more

novel featuring John Wells, a Muslim and former CIA operative.  In previous novels John spent a lot of time in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaida, this time out he’s asked by his estranged son to help located some kidnapped friends in Africa.  This is an area John isn’t  familiar with.  The pace is pretty quick and easy to stay focused on.  John is a flawed lead who while good at what he does is constantly questioning himself and his religion.  Overall fun and quick. thumbs up


I’m also reading Bing West’s The Wrong War. 

I’ve only just begun but I can say so far this book is a strong critique on COIN and it’s use in Afghanistan.  The first half is spent in the Korengal and Waigal Valley’s.  It’s appears to be an honest assessment and through the time on the ground with the troops rings pretty accurate to me so far.

The New York Times book review

Kirkus reviews


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