Did he even have access?

Many funny things come out of Washington. This week with the Leak of NSA programs I’ve heard a few pundits, congressmen and administration officials say that they didn’t think Snowden would have access to the information he’s talking about. Now I’ve seen Snowden’s job described a System Administrator (SA). If Snowden was a system administrator over the systems that contained these programs, it’s completely possible he’d have quite a bit of access. Do they ever wonder who gives them their user permissions on a system? Who creates their user profiles? It’s the System Administrator.

Now he would still need to be a SA on the right systems but it’s sure possible. I personally don’t think they’d be defecating concrete rectangles if they thought he had no access.



4 thoughts on “Did he even have access?

  1. He has no access, because if he did, people might actually believe whatever is coming from his mouth. That might be a problem for some people.

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