There sure is a lot of interesting news coming out of this administration lately.

Documents: U.S. mining data from 9 leading Internet firms; companies deny knowledge

The correct answer is….

14 thoughts on “IRS, NSA, CIA,

  1. 11th you better read more. The basis of this may have begun in the Bush administration there but where it led did not. The abuse of government knows know party. But it sure did speed up. If your not worried great.

    The scandal is not the capability, but the use against Americans for purely political purposes. Great if your on the right side. But that side could change. Then what? The blame Bush meme is overused and mostly BS. But I do fault Bush with DHS and the TSA two nearly useless organizations that spend a lot of our money.

    Or should we just ignore it all? See, until now it was only conservative groups and people targeted but now the media see’s they are in the crosshairs as well. Also congress is now realizing all there dirty secrets are not so secret. That’s why this will have an impact.

    Big government is always bad. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter what party, they will always abuse it.

  2. JB , you remind me of an old girlfriend that once in a while she would give me a compliment and then just when I know she is done talking she says , but you do this that annoys me. And just like her , I still Love you in the end….lol…lol…..


    PS…..make sure your wife reads this cause I wanna know how close I am……

  3. Bush only cared about killing terrorists. So he told people to watch Americans who got phone calls from overseas, or who were making phone calls, to say, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Sort of like Hasan at Ft. Hood before he went active. This would then be run through a key word search, to generate “probable cause”. The warrant would then be served and the phone data broken apart and utilized.

    Obama’s structure is.

    1. Grab all data on everyone.
    2. Use what’s good for us, discard the rest about Islam.

    3. Win.

    Yea, it all started under bush. Just like school massacres only started when somebody got a gun.

  4. I’m sorry for blaming Bush, I remember J Edgar Hoover put a surveillance device under the bed of Martin Luther King , Nixon and Watergate , the government even spyed on John Lennon. So yes as I said before this is not New what’s the big deal???


  5. 11th, the NSA data mining issue is not new of course. In fact I know a gentleman that worked for the NSA years ago and he told of capabilities back then that were nearly the same. What they were allowed to do with it and what they could keep seems to have changed. How this technology is used is the key. To sort out foreign allegiances, ok. To spy on political opponents? That’s a bit different. And I’m not saying the NSA has done that but in light of the IRS revaluations it would seem at least investigation worthy. If the country oks this type of business well then we have to live with it.

    The whole point of the separation of powers in our government was to keep any one entity from becoming too powerful. If the President has access to private communications of the legislature, opposition political groups or the average Joe don’t you see a problem in the balance of power and oversight? If it’s available to all of us well ok them. But it’s not. If reporters can be intimidated or coopted by our government how can we expect honest reporting? How do you stop those abusing power and support those that uphold liberty if we cannot investigate?

    We don’t debate ideas in this country anymore, we simple destroy the opponent. In the case of President Obama we see a perpetual campaign where he supposedly doesn’t know anything going on in his own administration. This isn’t a good thing. It’s not one single issue that has people in an uproar it’s the culmination of many issues that seem to be eroding our liberties while our President argues against his own policies.

    This is not just an Obama issue or a Democrat issue it’s being done buy both Parties. If you’ve noticed I’ve been all over John McCain lately. He is another example of what’s worst in our government. Personal interests outweighs the good of the country.

    I’ve worked in a field where secrecy is necessary but primarily in the sources and methods not the why? I’m not a fan of leakers. When a leaker releases classified information that shows illegalities that is a different matter. Leakers should not be intimidated or smeared, they should be tried in an open court so we all can decide if what they did was out of personal interests and damaged the country or if it was to bring light to a criminal act.

  6. We have actually lost a bit of freedom from every President since George started Office. I disagree with you on the press. They are as corrupt as any official in the government. Not one word , not One can you depend on being the Truth. I’m just saying that this is old news and we took a Big Hit on Freedom on 9/11 and we will never get that back. The terrorist Won that fight. By the way it was on Bushs watch. You want to know where we lost a bunch of our freedom , look up what Reagan did in office. In today’s world we have actual time info being spread at the time of the crimes. Cell phones. Social media. Times have changed and are going to keep on changing. We will have to live with it wether we want to or not. If it keeps us safe then tap our phones , by the way wiretapping isn’t new just a better media to get to it. I understand about big government but without a government we would be run by the likes of Buffet and Micrsoft , which is part of the problem anyway. You and I think a lot a like but you express your opinion differently that’s all.


  7. There’s no big deal vis a vis the methods. Leftist evil has been here long before Obama was born.

    The big deal is that people are starting to realize they aren’t citizens… but serfs and slaves. That’s a big deal, regardless of whose side you are on.

  8. My freedom was never impacted by Bush hunting down terrorists. Those who think otherwise, were involved in Leftist disinformation propaganda. Or were allies of the Leftist alliance or Muslim Brotherhood or Islamic Jihad.

    My freedom to act according to my own conscience and to defend the innocent against Leftist/islamic/criminal rapists, serial killers, murderers, greedy Fs, that is already impacted by a Demoncrat regime.

    In so far as the Republicans are involved, Leftist alliance > Democrats > Republicans.

    When one gains supreme majority power in this country, the other parties are mere patsies. While the Left is destroying their political opponents, everybody else is sitting at the mall, sucking on their thumbs, and talking about “everyone does it, a curse on both their houses”.

    My freedom and safety is not impacted by my neighbors or pacifists having guns or mines or bombs or nukes. It is impacted by psychopaths have weapons.

    Those who think a “tool” is evil or good on its own, and that “freedom” is removed because the “government” has power, does not think of government as a tool. More like a religion. Something is absolutely good or evil because it exists.

    Doesn’t matter who has power or who has guns. Does kind of matter whether the person is good or evil.

    Any governments will become good when run by good people like Bush. All governments will become evil when run by evil people. The good can make a totalitarian system run well, for the most part. Just look at Singapore and japan, with 100% weapons confiscation. Giving up freedom for permanent security isn’t a bad bargain. To each their own way of life.

    The problem with monarchies and dictatorships is that good people die, and are often times replaced by the bad.

    I may trust the people I trained with, with my life and with my guns and lethal force options. I am not necessarily going to trust their family, parents, kids, or “friends”, with the same.

    This is the opposite of hypocrisy. True sincerity comes not from distrusting the good with power.

    Because if anyone steps out of line and becomes not good, merely execute them with your own power. Those who won’t trust you with power or seek to take that power away… is a sign of things to come.

    Bush never took any power from me when hunting terrorists. He took far less than Democrat Union backed TSA, at least.

  9. The FBI and others spying on Nixon was why they had the goods on him, one way or another. Even Nixon said he “wasn’t aware” what he said was on tape. The media were mere tools for the overthrow of a Republican who were kicking the Commies in the balls too much.

    They were planning on cutting off the US head, then withdrawing troops (just like they tried with Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan) in order to give their allies the victory.

    The Leftist alliance has always been evil and populated with people like that. That has never changed.

    Microsoft and Buffet already has a significant say in government, because they support Leftist counter insurgency and insurgency operations with money.

    The tools of war and strife were always with us. If not a gun, then a knife. If not a knife, then a rock. If not a rock, then our teeth and foot. If our teeth are not strong and our foot too weak to crush a baby, we tie someone up and let fire do the job of burning out evil. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change.

    The only difference is whether you or I stand with the Light against the Darkness, the Good against the Evil, or choose the reverse. Human beings have little choice in the grand scheme of things. There are no neutrals in this war.

  10. Clarification. I don’t disagree with JB about McCain. The politician is either a tool, a patsy, or someone who wants to be with the winning wagon. Getting Sarah palin on and then somehow having your subordinates “manage” her, was perhaps a clue. Buck stops somewhere up.

    Many people in this country don’t think of it in individual terms. They are demoralized to fight the Left because they think all political parties act like that. Those who look beyond that or are willing to fight anyways, don’t fall into that category in my view. They’ve already fallen “out” of that category.

  11. Well, I think that just about covers our loss of freedoms and corruptions. I reiterate, I hate all politicians equally. They’re only in it to win it. Thanks for the thought provoking posts.

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