Out of the net this week

I was out of the network this week.  I spent some time in Texas.  Of course I go away and news is everywhere.  So, I’ll throw out a few comments on the news I’ve followed somewhat.


Murder in England – A couple of peace-loving fellas decided to hack a soldier to death on the streets of London.  Passerby’s just watch.  Police with weapons arrive 20 minutes later.  The first police I read were actually there within 10 minutes but were of course unarmed.  The two were Christian, white middle-aged construction workers, no wait that’s not right.  Humm.  Well I’m sure they were wronged buy society and it’s not their fault. 

The Men bravely let their women address that attackers.  Thank God for western values.  Why, in the old days a British bloke might have intervened and violated these young men’s rights.

Riot’s in Sweden – More Christian, middle-aged white males riots in the streets of Stockholm Sweden.  What?  There weren’t what?  Humm never mind nothing to see here. 

United States

IRS scandal -  Key IRS official Lois Lerner pleads the fifth during congressional hearings, because she did nothing wrong.  She is now on Paid leave.  So she get’s paid to do nothing.  The sad thing is this is preferable to her working. 

Meanwhile, no one at the White House knows anything about anything. 

Military and sexual assault –

Brigadier General Bryan Roberts, the commanding general at the U.S. Army Training Center at Fort Jackson in South Carolina, was dismissed from his position on Tuesday amid allegations of adultery and having a physical altercation, military officials said.

Brig. Gen. Bryan Roberts was suspended from his command while the accusations of misconduct are being probed by Army investigators, a spokesman for Army Training and Doctrine Command said, according to Reuters.

ALBANY, N.Y. — Charges that an Army sergeant secretly photographed and videotaped women at West Point are part of a military-wide pattern of sexual misconduct, U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said Thursday.

The military has been rocked by a series of arrests and incidents of sexual misconduct. But the news from the venerable U.S. Military Academy — where the motto is “Duty. Honor. Country.” — could be particularly embarrassing. The Army said Wednesday that a sergeant at West Point had been charged with secretly photographing and videotaping at least a dozen women at the academy, including in a bathroom.

Military is taking a beating on the sexual assault issue lately.  Too much power and arrogance? I wonder how this can be with the last twenty years of political correctness and constant training.  I assume there are numerous variables to this problem.

Tornados in Oklahoma

You won’t see any sarcasm on this subject.  It’s truly sad.  Anytime you see kids hurt or killed in the news it’s heartbreaking.  I’m only glad the numbers were revised down. 

It does seem like the expense of building safe rooms in schools that didn’t have them would have been rather small and worth it. 


One thought on “Out of the net this week

  1. Death is the greatest peace. That’s why Islam is for peace. That is why the Left is for peace. When all your enemies have been aborted pre/post birth, when all the women of your enemies have been enslaved and shackled, there will be True Peace on Earth.

    There are only 2 constants on this planet.

    1. Death
    2. Taxes

    Death + Taxes = Peace + Slavery = Utopia/Heaven

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