“I do not respect and oath-breaker”


I think she speaks for a lot of us. Click to link.


Yet, we continue to elect those that would sell away are rights for a little bit of power and money.  That’s what it is folks.  Our politicians and  legislators don’t give a damn about our country or our safety.  They do care about that next election, fund raiser and stock option.  So don’t be fooled we are fighting them all.

Link to site The Gunwire.com

Hat tip to the SF NETWORK


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One Response to ““I do not respect and oath-breaker””

  1. ymarsakar Says:

    DC voted 93% Obama in 2008-9.

    99% voted for Saddam pre Iraq invasion.

    Don’t worry, they are hard at work on that “election problem”. Soon they’ll have the fix. And they’ll put the fix in.

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