A New Vantage Point: Syria

An interesting take on Syria. Something you won’t hear from those so happy to assist the rebels.

Vantage Points

One of the greatest aspects of traveling is the way it informs our worldview.  That idea may just be suggested by our blog’s title.  After living in the UAE for the better part of a year, I’ve made many acquaintances and built some relationships.  These allow me to see things from a different perspective.  One of these relationships is with a fellow from Syria.  He’s friendly and easy going.  He’s Christian, and he’s invited us to join him at church, and though we haven’t been able to make it happen thus far, we really want to.  How cool would it be to be at a church service conducted in Arabic?  I’ll answer my own question: pretty dang cool.  Anyway, on to the point: I’ve gained a new vantage point on a country and the conflict within it–namely, Syria.

Honestly, I generally don’t give a whole lot of attention to far-away…

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2 thoughts on “A New Vantage Point: Syria

  1. When I first started learning about the world outside due to 9/11, I interpreted most anti-American type criticism as being erroneous or mere propaganda designed for a political cause.

    Now a days I am realizing just how much American foreign and war policy was driven by ulterior goals, Democrat or Leftist in origin. And I have to say, if I were those foreigners, I wouldn’t like Americans trying to make me into their cannonfodder slaves either. Since I don’t like the Left doing it to me here in the US, I can finally empathize with those people overseas who felt and thought the same way. Even if their solution was to try to fight all of us. It wasn’t all of us that were their enemies, however.

    Americans have been under Constitutional protections, for the most part so far against the Left’s war on humanity. Yet those overseas cannot say the same.

    In many ways, Bush’s foreign wars had elevated US opinion to an all time high amongst foreigners. Even in Japan, they must have thought that American justice, for all the prejudices in it, were doing some good in the world and 2. “Americans don’t forgive those who attack America”.

    But if 2 was still true, then why have we forgiven the Left here in our homes?

    When people overseas speak of American justice, they might as well be talking about American hypocrisy. Because when a President can speak of freedom in Iraq and then the next President can arm AQ and rebels that Bush was fighting in Iraq with American blood and treasure… how can we expect non-Americans to even begin to understand? Do we even understand it yet?

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