Didn’t see this coming? Well you should have.

Benghazi – lies and cover ups.  The President and key White House officials to include Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice advance the idea that the Benghazi attack was a result of riots from an obscure youtube video.  Which we now know (I knew then, and again) was not true. I know some of you will scream what about Bush?  He started it.  He lied first.  Except he didn’t and it doesn’t matter anyway.  Do we allow it now?  If so we can expect nothing less in the future.

IRS – Targeted Conservative and Tea party groups and more likely anyone that was a potential threat.  Nothing to see here?  Again, if we allow it don’t whine when the tables are turned.

Phone records of AP – Couldn’t happen to a nicer group but still.  Doesn’t it make you feel just a little bit uneasy? I’m sure it was innocent. Do you really want our government to act in this manner? It’s one thing to request records for a narrow search in an investigation but this seems a bit wide ranging.  

Still no reaction?

Fast and furious – Obama administration sold guns to Mexican drug lords then has the nerve to whine abut Americans and guns while in Mexico.

Release of illegals just before sequester.  Nice timing. 

Election fraud convictions -  Should Obama have ever even been on the ballot? 

Syria, Libya, Iran, Korea – no policy what so ever.

Afghanistan – dealing with the poppy farmers now, not that we were ever really threatening them. 

No budget –

But hey stock market is high and the rich are getting…. what’?  I thought that only happened under GOP leadership.  Hummmm.

I know it’s all just the “vast right wing conspiracy”. 

Vast right-wing conspiracy" was a theory advanced by then First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton in 1998 in defense of her husband, President Bill Clinton, and his administration during the Lewinsky scandal, characterizing the Lewinsky charges as the latest in a long, organized, collaborative series of charges by Clinton’s political enemies. The Starr Report found that the Lewinsky affair had not been fabricated. The term has been used since, including in a question posed to Bill Clinton in 2009 to describe attacks on Barack Obama during his early presidency. ~ Wikipedia

Which was of course not a conspiracy but the truth.


2 thoughts on “Didn’t see this coming? Well you should have.

  1. Obama does have a policy for Libya. It was to get rid of former Bush allies or US allies and replace it with his Muslim allies. Benghazi also seems to factor highly in that plan, with Stevens being sent to retriever stingers given to AQ groups. Originally repurposed for taking out Gadaffi. Obama’s secret war, even.

    Coincidentally, I heard some Spec Ops teams kept getting shot out of the sky in their heli transports. I always wondered when the Taliban had access to anti air missiles that they just didn’t use up in Enduring Freedom…

  2. The Left has this weird quirk which I picked up while analyzing them when making intel profiles. They accuse their enemies of 99% what the Left were doing, and doing first. It makes them really easy to predict. Because even if I don’t know what the Left is doing, all I need for a clue is to see what they accuse their enemies of doing.

    Bush lied, people died? Check
    Rich get richer, poor get poorer? Check
    Republicans are corrupt? Check
    Republicans don’t care about the poor? Check
    Republicans are in a quagmire in ME? Check

    I have yet to find the 1% where they were wrong…

    Long collaborative charges by X’s enemies. X= Sarah Palin, Romney, Bush, and everybody else that got in the way of Obama or the Left. X=Fox News, Limbaugh, and seemingly lots of other people from the IRS’s point of view.

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