Parsing of words, General Dempsey clarify please


Sen Graham Calls Benghazi Testimony of Joint Chiefs’ Chairman into Question

I’m not a Graham fan but he might have a point here. 

It all depends on what is is?

In particular, Graham said Dempsey’s claim that "no one was told to stand down is now in question."

Said Graham:

I asked [Gen. Dempsey] directly, were there any military assets in motion to help folks in Benghazi, [that were] told to stand down? And what did [State Department whistle-blower] Gregory Hicks say? That Lt. Col. Steve Gibson–a DOD employee, a member of the Army–was in Tripoli, ready and willing to go to Benghazi, preparing to go to Benghazi, and was told to stand down.

Graham said he’d like to see Dempsey recalled "to clarify testimony on Benghazi."

Asked about Graham’s comments, Pentagon spokesman Major Rob Firman seemed to back Dempsey’s story: "They weren’t told to stand down. They were simply told not to go to Benghazi. They were told to go to the airport in Tripoli to provide security there."

A spokesman for the Joint Chiefs said Graham can recall Dempsey to testify if he likes, but Dempsey will not change his testimony.


3 thoughts on “Parsing of words, General Dempsey clarify please

  1. I’d like so see a little more investigation into what happened with Gen Hamm and the possibility that he was relieved on the spot for refusing to “stand down”.

  2. Stand down. Let them die. This will be rephrased as “stay away from there” in the future.

    When totalitarians command, the soldiers obey. For it is the duty of soldiers to fight external enemies. I still wonder whose duty it is to fight internal enemies though… the Founding Fathers really tripped up over that one.

    Then again, this is pretty much the same thing Roosevelt did with Wake Island. The Navy reinforcements were told to “go away” by one of his admirals.

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