Windows 8 Oh nooooooo!!!

It’s seems Microsoft have upset a number of computer users with the new Windows 8 release. Many people apparently don’t like the new "Metro" interface and want their old start button back. I thought of these issues as I bought my new computer. My old well traveled Laptop was starting to randomly overheat and crash and I needed something new. But windows 8? It sounded so terrible and nearly unusable.

Well I’ve had my new computer for a couple of weeks now and either the world is full of idiots, entirely possible based on current trends, or this is more hype than reality. I must be the only guy around that likes Windows 8. It’s not hard to use. Yes, it’s not the same interface. So, what. It took a total of maybe two days to find everything I needed within the Metro interface and some new items I didn’t know about.

It takes a little customization but once you get it set up, about an hour of real time, it’s pretty nice. I don’t have a touch screen so it’s not that either. The mouse works just fine.

Sometimes I think tech geeks (ok everyone) just like to whine. You know there are people that still say command line is the only way to do anything.

Windows 8 may not appeal to you but don’t let the critics fool you. It’s not because Microsoft screwed up on this one. If you prefer and older version, another OS, well that’s ok. I’ve used many of them and like them all to some extent.

Now with the upcoming "fix", even those not quite quick enough to find items without a start button will be able to operate Windows 8.

Note: Yes, I would love an apple, when they are priced for average income people I’ll run right out and get one. But as it is I can buy two new PCs for the price of one Apple. Someone hire me for a high paying job and I’ll be glad to support all computer systems.

Now if I can just get something better than a Net10 non-smart phone someday.


4 thoughts on “Windows 8 Oh nooooooo!!!

  1. Not an admirer of W8. It was written for touch screens , which are the future of all electronics but I could use it for my needs. I had a friend buy a laptop with W8 and hated it. He ask if I could put XP on it instead. I said yes without knowing what MS did to install it. It took me 8 hours to convert backwards to XP but I was able to find the secret. Ditigital Security written into the bios. What a pain but at least my friend was happy and I also learned something along the way.


  2. I agree it was written for touch screens although it’s not hard to move around in. Since I liked how my tablet worked I found Win8 similar and I like the apps. For those grounded in their current OS I understand that change is always tough. Maybe it’s not the OS I like but the big screen I use Someday I’ll get a huge wall mounted HD flat screen as a monitor.

  3. At least they should have solved that ram cap issue with Vista and the whole “taking more ram than 2 XPs combined” vista legacy code too.

  4. JB, someday you’ll be talking to a virtual representation of your computer and can do everything using hand gestures and voice, like a martial artist.

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