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Good video on Afghanistan.



McCain in Syria

Should John McCain have visited with Syrian Rebels with ties to islamist? Was this an appropriate trip? 

For some reason John McCain seems hell bent on getting us involved in Syria.  Why? 

Why would we once again support groups that by in large would fight us just as quickly as Assad?

Just some Tuesday morning after Memorial Day questions.

Where do we stand in Afghanistan today?

Anthony Cordesman (with assistance of Bryan Gold and Ashley Hess)  has a very interesting article on the state of Afghanistan (AFG). courtesy of CSIS.

The Afghan War in 2013 – Vol III

Until the US and ISAF honestly and publicly assess areas of insurgent control and influence, the full range of insurgent violence, its political intent, impact, and how this compares with areas of Afghan government and ANSF influence and control, their reporting lacks the scope and integrity to be trustworthy or make effective Transition planning possible.

~page 13 Executive Summary

That doesn’t sound good.

One of the issues I’ve always had is the numbers game used by many to justify the continuation of a failed Afghanistan strategy.  While we can certainly look at the number of ANSF (Afghanistan National Security Forces) and see an increase.  What you can’t see is if they are any good or if they will stand with the Government when we depart.

KABUL, Afghanistan (Oct. 16, 2012) — The following statistics are the latest facts on the status of Afghan National Security Forces.

Afghan National Security Forces:  337,187 of 352,000 (96%) in uniform

Today, three-quarters of the uniformed defenders of this country are Afghans.

· Afghan Surge (Dec 09 to Oct 12):  195,508 to 337,187 (+140,679); more than four times the U.S. surge of 30,000 troops in the same period.

· Afghanistan has recruited all 187,000 Soldiers and all 157,000 Police—new recruits are awaiting call-up to training centers.

· Afghan National Army:  184,676 of 187,000 (99%); 100% inducted by December 2012; trained, equipped, and fielded by December 2013.


4.    Literacy training is required for all illiterate Afghan recruits; up to 85% arrive unable to read and write.  After four weeks, up to 90% of these former illiterates graduate reading at the first-third grade levels.  This “Afghan G.I. Bill” is a huge incentive for recruiting and reenlistment

The number seem to show things are going according to plan.  But are they?  After only four weeks of training literacy rates jump from 85% illiterate to 95% able to read on a first through third grade level. Wonderful.

ISAF reports appear to be mostly feel good marketing.

In April of 2011 I wrote that it was time to leave (It’s time to leave Afghanistan), I haven’t changed my mind.

My only conclusion is that the US doesn’t have the will to fight and win wars today.  I hope that will change before it’s too late.

Multiculturalism what a great thing

The Diplomad had a good post on Multiculturalism.  Check it out.

Pity the Multiculturalist Gaia Worshipping Obama Loving Liberals and Pity What They’ve Done to All of Us

We see this disintegration in:
— the bomb blasts by Muslim terrorists ripping through the Boston marathon;
— the smoke of a Stockholm in flames thanks to its Muslim immigrants;
–the blood of a young British father and patriot butchered on the streets of his capital city by jihadis;
— the EU’s growing disintegration;
— the disappearance of "global warming";
— the evident bankruptcy of Keynesian (and Kenyan) economics;
— the failure of the gun grab in the US which included a secret war against Mexico;
— the turning of the Arab spring into the debacle of the Arab farce and its Benghazi nightmare;

There is more. 

Out of the net this week

I was out of the network this week.  I spent some time in Texas.  Of course I go away and news is everywhere.  So, I’ll throw out a few comments on the news I’ve followed somewhat.


Murder in England – A couple of peace-loving fellas decided to hack a soldier to death on the streets of London.  Passerby’s just watch.  Police with weapons arrive 20 minutes later.  The first police I read were actually there within 10 minutes but were of course unarmed.  The two were Christian, white middle-aged construction workers, no wait that’s not right.  Humm.  Well I’m sure they were wronged buy society and it’s not their fault. 

The Men bravely let their women address that attackers.  Thank God for western values.  Why, in the old days a British bloke might have intervened and violated these young men’s rights.

Riot’s in Sweden – More Christian, middle-aged white males riots in the streets of Stockholm Sweden.  What?  There weren’t what?  Humm never mind nothing to see here. 

United States

IRS scandal -  Key IRS official Lois Lerner pleads the fifth during congressional hearings, because she did nothing wrong.  She is now on Paid leave.  So she get’s paid to do nothing.  The sad thing is this is preferable to her working. 

Meanwhile, no one at the White House knows anything about anything. 

Military and sexual assault –

Brigadier General Bryan Roberts, the commanding general at the U.S. Army Training Center at Fort Jackson in South Carolina, was dismissed from his position on Tuesday amid allegations of adultery and having a physical altercation, military officials said.

Brig. Gen. Bryan Roberts was suspended from his command while the accusations of misconduct are being probed by Army investigators, a spokesman for Army Training and Doctrine Command said, according to Reuters.

ALBANY, N.Y. — Charges that an Army sergeant secretly photographed and videotaped women at West Point are part of a military-wide pattern of sexual misconduct, U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said Thursday.

The military has been rocked by a series of arrests and incidents of sexual misconduct. But the news from the venerable U.S. Military Academy — where the motto is “Duty. Honor. Country.” — could be particularly embarrassing. The Army said Wednesday that a sergeant at West Point had been charged with secretly photographing and videotaping at least a dozen women at the academy, including in a bathroom.

Military is taking a beating on the sexual assault issue lately.  Too much power and arrogance? I wonder how this can be with the last twenty years of political correctness and constant training.  I assume there are numerous variables to this problem.

Tornados in Oklahoma

You won’t see any sarcasm on this subject.  It’s truly sad.  Anytime you see kids hurt or killed in the news it’s heartbreaking.  I’m only glad the numbers were revised down. 

It does seem like the expense of building safe rooms in schools that didn’t have them would have been rather small and worth it. 

“I do not respect and oath-breaker”

I think she speaks for a lot of us. Click to link.


Yet, we continue to elect those that would sell away are rights for a little bit of power and money.  That’s what it is folks.  Our politicians and  legislators don’t give a damn about our country or our safety.  They do care about that next election, fund raiser and stock option.  So don’t be fooled we are fighting them all.

Link to site The

Hat tip to the SF NETWORK

A New Vantage Point: Syria

An interesting take on Syria. Something you won’t hear from those so happy to assist the rebels.

Vantage Points

One of the greatest aspects of traveling is the way it informs our worldview.  That idea may just be suggested by our blog’s title.  After living in the UAE for the better part of a year, I’ve made many acquaintances and built some relationships.  These allow me to see things from a different perspective.  One of these relationships is with a fellow from Syria.  He’s friendly and easy going.  He’s Christian, and he’s invited us to join him at church, and though we haven’t been able to make it happen thus far, we really want to.  How cool would it be to be at a church service conducted in Arabic?  I’ll answer my own question: pretty dang cool.  Anyway, on to the point: I’ve gained a new vantage point on a country and the conflict within it–namely, Syria.

Honestly, I generally don’t give a whole lot of attention to far-away…

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Didn’t see this coming? Well you should have.

Benghazi – lies and cover ups.  The President and key White House officials to include Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice advance the idea that the Benghazi attack was a result of riots from an obscure youtube video.  Which we now know (I knew then, and again) was not true. I know some of you will scream what about Bush?  He started it.  He lied first.  Except he didn’t and it doesn’t matter anyway.  Do we allow it now?  If so we can expect nothing less in the future.

IRS – Targeted Conservative and Tea party groups and more likely anyone that was a potential threat.  Nothing to see here?  Again, if we allow it don’t whine when the tables are turned.

Phone records of AP – Couldn’t happen to a nicer group but still.  Doesn’t it make you feel just a little bit uneasy? I’m sure it was innocent. Do you really want our government to act in this manner? It’s one thing to request records for a narrow search in an investigation but this seems a bit wide ranging.  

Still no reaction?

Fast and furious – Obama administration sold guns to Mexican drug lords then has the nerve to whine abut Americans and guns while in Mexico.

Release of illegals just before sequester.  Nice timing. 

Election fraud convictions -  Should Obama have ever even been on the ballot? 

Syria, Libya, Iran, Korea – no policy what so ever.

Afghanistan – dealing with the poppy farmers now, not that we were ever really threatening them. 

No budget –

But hey stock market is high and the rich are getting…. what’?  I thought that only happened under GOP leadership.  Hummmm.

I know it’s all just the “vast right wing conspiracy”. 

Vast right-wing conspiracy" was a theory advanced by then First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton in 1998 in defense of her husband, President Bill Clinton, and his administration during the Lewinsky scandal, characterizing the Lewinsky charges as the latest in a long, organized, collaborative series of charges by Clinton’s political enemies. The Starr Report found that the Lewinsky affair had not been fabricated. The term has been used since, including in a question posed to Bill Clinton in 2009 to describe attacks on Barack Obama during his early presidency. ~ Wikipedia

Which was of course not a conspiracy but the truth.

Parsing of words, General Dempsey clarify please


Sen Graham Calls Benghazi Testimony of Joint Chiefs’ Chairman into Question

I’m not a Graham fan but he might have a point here. 

It all depends on what is is?

In particular, Graham said Dempsey’s claim that "no one was told to stand down is now in question."

Said Graham:

I asked [Gen. Dempsey] directly, were there any military assets in motion to help folks in Benghazi, [that were] told to stand down? And what did [State Department whistle-blower] Gregory Hicks say? That Lt. Col. Steve Gibson–a DOD employee, a member of the Army–was in Tripoli, ready and willing to go to Benghazi, preparing to go to Benghazi, and was told to stand down.

Graham said he’d like to see Dempsey recalled "to clarify testimony on Benghazi."

Asked about Graham’s comments, Pentagon spokesman Major Rob Firman seemed to back Dempsey’s story: "They weren’t told to stand down. They were simply told not to go to Benghazi. They were told to go to the airport in Tripoli to provide security there."

A spokesman for the Joint Chiefs said Graham can recall Dempsey to testify if he likes, but Dempsey will not change his testimony.

Windows 8 Oh nooooooo!!!

It’s seems Microsoft have upset a number of computer users with the new Windows 8 release. Many people apparently don’t like the new "Metro" interface and want their old start button back. I thought of these issues as I bought my new computer. My old well traveled Laptop was starting to randomly overheat and crash and I needed something new. But windows 8? It sounded so terrible and nearly unusable.

Well I’ve had my new computer for a couple of weeks now and either the world is full of idiots, entirely possible based on current trends, or this is more hype than reality. I must be the only guy around that likes Windows 8. It’s not hard to use. Yes, it’s not the same interface. So, what. It took a total of maybe two days to find everything I needed within the Metro interface and some new items I didn’t know about.

It takes a little customization but once you get it set up, about an hour of real time, it’s pretty nice. I don’t have a touch screen so it’s not that either. The mouse works just fine.

Sometimes I think tech geeks (ok everyone) just like to whine. You know there are people that still say command line is the only way to do anything.

Windows 8 may not appeal to you but don’t let the critics fool you. It’s not because Microsoft screwed up on this one. If you prefer and older version, another OS, well that’s ok. I’ve used many of them and like them all to some extent.

Now with the upcoming "fix", even those not quite quick enough to find items without a start button will be able to operate Windows 8.

Note: Yes, I would love an apple, when they are priced for average income people I’ll run right out and get one. But as it is I can buy two new PCs for the price of one Apple. Someone hire me for a high paying job and I’ll be glad to support all computer systems.

Now if I can just get something better than a Net10 non-smart phone someday.