Syria, lets make more Jihadist happy?

Am I missing something here. It seems we have a fair amount of politicians that want us to intervene in Syria. Exactly what they want us to do is unclear other than arming our other enemies. Much like the Gun-Control crowd the cry is to do something, anything. Well what?

Should we arm the Syrian resistance? You know the ones filled with Islamic extremist? Those rebels? Perhaps these genius politicians know another group competing for power that are just a little bit more friendly to western ideas. Let’s look back in time just a bit at say, Egypt. We supported the rebels there. A great group of liberal Democrats. You know the Muslim Brotherhood. Yeah that’s working out swell.

Maybe I just don’t see the threat as clearly as the “Maverick” John McCain and that combat lawyer reservist Lindsey Graham. Just how is arming and moving into power a more unstable group of nitwits going to benefit us.

Ok Assad may have used Chemical Weapons against the Rebels.  With conflicting evidence we see everyone clamoring that the “Red Line” has been crossed. Oh no! Really?  Um and I should care why? Because if we help the rebels remove Assad those chemical weapons will be in safer hands?  Humm.

President Obama seems reluctant to take a stand on this one. I know, a big surprise there huh? Will he let others whose objectives are unclear, lead him to another foreign policy disaster?

Look, if we want to remove Assad, then let’s just do it ourselves. How’s about we not give more weapons to radical jihadist than we already have.


One thought on “Syria, lets make more Jihadist happy?

  1. I suspect Obama is already feeding those Syrian Freedom Fighters plenty of weapons. Maybe his subordinates learned how to hide their tracks better this time.

    I do have to wonder if Holder was charged with working on these tasks or Hillary was, given Holder’s prior op experience with mexico.

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