Boston Attack II

Ok, one dead and one captured.  The events happened a little faster than I expected but the way this was done I felt pretty confident information would flow quickly.  There are some troubling questions though.  Like, what does it take to get asylum in the US and what benefits do you instantly receive?  Why did the FBI investigate Suspect Number one two years ago and find nothing derogatory when a foreign government warned us?  Are the standards for deporting aliens too high?  Well based on the immigration debate in the country and the recent release of illegal immigrants I don’t think there are standards at all.

Either way I’m glad these two were caught.  It will be interesting now to see what information come out of the living bomber or the three others that have been taken into custody related to this matter.



2 thoughts on “Boston Attack II

  1. It happened so quickly in spite of the trampling of our 4th amendment rights. Illegal searches, curfews, mandatory closing of buildings. Funny part is; once the government relaxed, a citizen turned the guy in.

  2. I do wonder how they missed checking a covered boat. But in all fairness I don’t know what searches where actually done or how they were done.

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