Boston attack

Who planted the bombs at the Boston Marathon?  It will take a few days for officials to get information out but even now I would bet they know the make up of the bombs and possibly the trigger mechanism.  This in itself won’t give a definitive answer as to who did this but it will point in potential  directions. Then after all the video is looked at hopefully a better picture will emerge.  This won’t take very long. That doesn’t mean it won’t take long to learn who did this just that the basics of the event will be looked at quickly.

Unfortunately, you simply can’t protect everyone from every potential threat.  While it’s difficult to build things it’s oh so easy to destroy and if you don’t care about the even easier.

President Obama says, ‘We will find out who did this, why they did this. Any responsible group will feel the full weight of justice.’
Lets hope so.

I don’t have any impressions this early.  With so little information right now it’s just guess-work and guess-work this early is usually wrong.


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