Just to make you feel even better about flying..

Hacker uses an Android to remotely attack and hijack an airplane

By Darlene Storm

…The Hack in the Box security conference in Amsterdam has a very interesting lineup of talks [pdf]. One that jumped out was the Aircraft Hacking: Practical Aero Series presented by Hugo Teso, a security consultant at n.runs in Germany….

Once he was into the airplane’s computer, he was able to manipulate the steering of a Boeing jet while the aircraft was in “autopilot” mode. The only countermeasure available to pilots, if they even realized they were being hacked, would be to turn off autopilot…

…Teso said he could take control of most all airplane systems; he could even cause the plane to crash by setting it on a collision course with another plane…

…Just the same, as you might imagine, numerous security people that heard Teso’s talk on hacking and hijacking airplanes are not looking forward the their next flight….

Now doesn’t that just make you want to go out a book a flight somewhere.  Humm….


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