Summer yet?

Is summer on its way? Well I hope so. Today when I got up the temperature was around 10 degrees. The latest storm front blew through Colorado yesterday and it was windy and cold. While, we here in Colorado Springs didn’t get too much snow (like none). We did get high winds and a severe drop in temperatures.

The temperature is predicted to reach a whopping 32 degrees for a high. We’ll see.

The problem is this; it’s really hampering my motorcycle riding. While some die hard riders (Chilihntr) will ride in the cold, I prefer not to.

The temperatures are due to rise back into the 60’s by the weekend, when I’m working of course, then take another drop next week.

This is not unusual however, as I’ve watch the snow fall in July here and I never really expect it to warm up until May anyway. But I’m ready.


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