Is it time to leave this state?

Colorado Shooting Competition Canceled In Wake Of New Gun Control Laws

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Organizers of the Rocky Mountain Western States Regional IDPA Championship, initially scheduled to take place July 4-6 in Montrose, Colorado, have announced that the match is being canceled in the wake of Colorado’s recently passed gun control laws.

An estimated 300-plus shooters from the neighboring states and across the country were expected to attend the three-day competitive shooting event. This is the second shooting competition to abandon the state after a recent announcement by firearms maker Ruger that it was moving the 2013 Ruger Rimfire Challenge World Championship out of Colorado.

Tennessee is crossing my mind.   I’d move to Texas but damn it’s hot and most of the state is just too desert like.  It’s still an option though.  Of course the only work left is in Virginia.  It’s not at the top of my list but hey.  Work is work. 


2 thoughts on “Is it time to leave this state?

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