Aha, all that hard work

More than a Vacation a Month for Obamas in 2013

In the first three months of the year, members of the first family have been on three vacations, averaging a vacation a month. And now it’s being reported that the first daughters are on a spring break vacation in the Bahamas…

…Of course, there’s no reason to begrudge the first family for enjoying a good vacation. But at a time when the White House is closed to the public, it all might seem a little odd.

Actually, with this Presidential family it’s not odd at all.  Remember those in Washington are special, they work harder then any of the rest of us.  Just look at all the great results. 


8 thoughts on “Aha, all that hard work

  1. Let me get a little insight on your political beliefs by asking you which President within your life time has satisfied you as a Voter???


  2. Reagan’s ability to work with a house that was in the Democratic majority comes to mind. His Foreign policy kept the Libyan’s, the North Korean’s, the Soviets and Iran at bay, when the “President” before him couldn’t find his ass with both hands. Clinton work with a house and senate that was in the republican majority. While I don’t agree with much of what he stood for, the man could work with opposition. Johnson passed more legislation than any president in modern history. Kennedy’s economic philosophy was more conservative than any president outside of Reagan.

  3. None, completely, although Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush stand out. Not perfect however, I believe they tried to run the country reasonably. Bill Clinton who I despise personally was smart enough to move the economy with some common sense and was quite moderate his second term. Remember also, who controlled congress during these times.

    If it’s the vacation thing the your wondering about. Many on the left love to point out that George W. Bush was vacationing at his ranch a lot. That is true, yet it didn’t cost nearly as much as this Presidents trips and until the last year of his Presidency the economy was moving along. Yes Fannie and Freddy were on the horizon (thanks Barney Frank and Chris Dodd).

    This administration has pumped up the sequester which was their idea and now will do what ever they can to make it hurt. Well not hurt them as they are richer now by far than when President Obama first came to office. This isn’t ununusual but it would seem a little decorum would be in order until the economy is hitting better then 0.4% growth. This administration has used regulation and executive orders to continually by-pass congress, not that this congress would accomplish anything anyway.

    That’s not to say I believe these number since they continually get rivised and their baselines seem to change when the administation in power needs them too.

    Look, I don’t like either party right now and find little to be encourged about in the future. My leaning continue to move closer to the libratarian views. I just want goverment out of our lives as much as possible. I don’t think the current arraingment produces anything other than narrsisistic frauds with no convictions of any kind other than to money and power.

    The last good President was probably George Washington who said no to being crowned king and stepped down on his own. Where can we find another leader like that?

    The reality is that in a working representative democracy the best we can hope for are crooks with a hint of decency and some love for the ideas of the country.

  4. Well as sad as it will be I agree with both JB and Chili. My favorite is JFK , probably because he had my uncle on the shore of Florida awaiting to beat the Hell out of Castro , and was able to curb that War. I like Reagan as my Governor better than my President. Tricky Dick let me out of the Army 150 Days early when I got back from Nam. That put him in my Good Column. Clinton allowed me to qualify for a free grant that helped me further my education and get a better high paying job. As you can see most of the Presidents that I appreciate Helped my life in one way or another. I see Presidents for what they do for their people more than a political move. I don’t always agree with all the Presidents that have Governed for me but I will never disrespect them , even as much as I think GW was a nut job he still did a few things right. I am not for any political platform but I am for who ever can do America Right.

  5. That being said, 11th, I’ve yet to see how our current president has benefitted America. There is a small, small minority that has benefitted under him. As a whole we have taken a hit on the domestic, economic and foreign affairs fronts. I would challenge any American to tell how they are better off now than any time in the last 5 presidencies.

  6. Well , it would take a time machine to figure out our future before this President took office. I have to put a lot of blame on GW because he went to two wars without a way of paying for them. Not only on his watch we were attacked on our home soil and he allowed Wall Street to screw us and of course the housing bubble disaster , which acured in the last months of his office. If McCain would have made it would we be in a better place? I don’t know but in my opinion it would not have made a difference who won in 2008 because we all know that this tragedy to our economy was not going to be fixed in 4 years. This President has helped everyone not just a small few. All of us that have 401k’s recovered from the worst downfall since the 30’s. I know the rich get richer but that is because of the amount of wealth they can maneuver. Veterans are better off in a lot of ways , course it has to get better. Jobs are being created , at least here in Ca. I doubt that McCain would have done as well , but like I said I can’t predict the future. If you don’t like this President then you will Look for Faults before you look at Good. Clinton was hated by the masses but I thought he did a Great Job. I could go on but I can find fault with all of the Presidents but I do give them the benifit of the doubt because of the situations they are either in or what situation they put us in.


  7. I was definitely not a McCain fan and am still not. As to going to war, has there ever been a war we went to we could afford? Ever? War by it’s very nature is a consumer of Government resources. Who pays for that? Us. GWB had a little help with destroying the economy. Franks, Dodd were major players in the housing crisis. I listed several Presidents that I would have not voted for that were able to work with adversarial congresses. Monetizing the debt does little else but prolong the reckoning and cause massive inflation. I believe prolonging is what Bernake and the President are going for. The stock market recovers but little else does. I do believe that Romney would have done a lot to straightening out the economy and shoring up a very weak foreign policy Was he my choice? Nope. I’m not enamored with any of them right now. That doesn’t mean that I’ll sit back and watch my country go to hell because a bunch of coffee shop intellectuals are playing; let’s experiment with the country games. I hope the pendulum has swung so far to the left that just enough of the country wakes up from their insulated, uninformed lives for just enough time cast a vote to return to a semblance of conservative values, economically, constitutionally, morally, domestically and foreign policy-wise. I’m not attacking you, 11th, just the guys who run this nut house.

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