Colorado National Monument


Colorado National Monument

Cold Shiver Point. 1000′ drop on all sides. My wife has a screw loose. Spring has sprung here, finally!


7 Responses to “Colorado National Monument”

  1. robakers Says:

    Cool picture!

  2. JB Says:

    Damn it must be nicer on that side of the mountains. Good pic.

  3. chilihntr Says:

    It would be a lot nicer, JB, if you were over here.

  4. 11th Says:

    Yes she does…….


  5. chilihntr Says:

    In so many ways, 11th, in so many ways……

  6. 11th Says:

    There at first I was reading the Heading in which says….Colorado National Monument and thought…WOW , JB’s Wife is the National Monument…..LOL…


  7. chilihntrli Says:

    On different levels, I’m sure JB’s wife is, 11th, but the pic is of my wife…Too funny.

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