Painting for a Birthday

As you get older birthdays are much tougher.  It’s not because they are actually harder or sad or anything like that.  When you get older you just don’t have any real birthday wishes.  Oh, yeah you might want something real nice and expensive but who’s going to buy it?  Well this year my wife asked for something pretty good.  She wanted my son and I to paint her a picture.  She really wanted something kind of abstract but I have no idea how to do that and make it look like something.  Wait does abstract art ever look like something.  Well instead we did a nice painting of some mountains and a little church. 


Hey it isn’t a Rembrandt but for a 10 year old and me, it was pretty nice.  More importantly it was fun to do.  So did she like it?  Did she scream with joy?  Nope, first thing she asked was, “where are the people”.  Ya, just can’t please women. 

Actually it went over very well..  Smile


4 thoughts on “Painting for a Birthday

  1. I love it when people ask me to paint them something. My daughter’s friend saw a painting I’d done for her and asked me for the same thing — I was impressed ( they’re teenagers)!

  2. JB, that is awesome. Great job, you and David gave something from the heart. Best kind of gift ever.


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