Another book down–Stakeout

Stakeout: A Stanley Hastings Mystery

Stakeout by Parnell Hallthumbs up

The new crime thriller in the ever-funny and charming Stanley Hastings mystery series, featuring the only detective in New York City who doesn’t carry a gun

Stanley Hastings finally felt like a real PI, staking out a New Jersey motel to get evidence on a woman’s cheating husband. It should have been a piece of cake. Only the husband wasn’t cheating, someone killed him, and the cops are trying to pin the murder on the man apprehended at the scene,
who just happens to be Stanley.

This was a fun and fast read.  The pace is non-stop and funny.  I read this in about two days.  It’s much like a old Chandler novel but with an only semi-competent PI. But it’s ok because he knows he’s not very good at his job.  Or at least thinks he’s not.  I hadn’t heard of Parnell Hall before but apparently there are eighteen other Stanley Hasting books out there.  I’ll have to check them out. 


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