I just don’t know what to say

It’s been a good week or so since I posted.  The fact is when I watch or read the news it’s like living in Bazzaro world.  So, what do you write?  Take the Rand Paul filibuster.  While I don’t see a filibuster actually working in these times, well they might if supported by your own party, but the point is that while Rand Paul was filibustering over a reasonable question the Republican elite were having dinner with President Obama.  John McCain called Rand Paul filibuster a “stunt”.  Humm, Stunt?  Seems like John McCain doesn’t have much room to speak on stunts.  His rambling speech on the senate floor over the drone filibuster has me questioning his sanity as well as his party affiliation.

The question Rand Paul posed was if it was legal to kill an American on US soil without due process.  Now isn’t due process a pretty important idea for Americans in America?  One would think so?  The excuse that both Graham and McCain use it that we are at war.  So, in their eyes the constitution should take a break during times of war.  Perhaps there was a reason John McCain lost his bid for President.

Lindsey Graham is even worse where he questioned where these guys were when Bush was using drones.  First off Bush didn’t have near the Drone program that’s in place today but that’s not that point. What about the fundamental question?  The fears of the left during the Bush administrations are coming true in the Obama administration yet no one cares now. Where is the concerned now regarding the reach of our federal system that can dictate what we eat, drink, defends ourselves with and more?

The Republican elite appear worried.  They are losing there long held and unsuccessful control of the party.  If it was their leadership that won elections recently perhaps they would have a point.  But it has not been the Republican “old guard” that has been the force behind what few wins the former conservative party has had.

Folks both parties are so corrupt that the future does not look nearly as bright as it should. Unfortunately I still don’t see a third party with enough power to be effective.

So I’ll leave you with this sometimes over used quote:

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

Benjamin Franklin.


6 thoughts on “I just don’t know what to say

  1. This was Paul’s vehicle to thrust himself into the National spotlight. I’d say it was perfect. The President’s popularity is slipping as more and more people in the middle class are feeling the pinch in the economy. One cannot look back and even see the Bush administration anymore. There is only one place to look if you are struggling, out of work or underemployed. Every dollar that is printed to monetizes the debt, causes the prices of all goods sold to rise. This practice is damaging to the US and world economies and Bernake sees no near end to the practice. The proverbial “chickens” will soon be coming home to roost.
    The sophomoric clamor to blame Republicans and Congress are starting to sound like the cry for wolf and the tactic is beginning to look very transparent.
    Now I don’t have hope for the awakening of the Sheeple, but take away their disposable income and they will start to sway away from the left’s propensity for socialistic leanings. Don’t underestimate the middle classes ire over losing their comfort and their entitlement to have cheap goods.

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