Loopholes, where Republicans continue to fail

I would love to say I’m amazed at the way things work in DC, but lets face it, it’s not a surprise.  What I don’t get though, is in the face of a failed Presidential run, a failure to move many seats in Congress or the Senate why the Republicans give the Democrats and this administration free talking points.

The one place it would be easy to get support and agreement, if the Democrats truly wished this, is tax loopholes or deductions.  While at one time incentives in the tax code might have made sense (although I think they were always about payback), the time now to cut out the loopholes seems universal.  We argue over percentages that nobody actually pays.  The countries liberals certainly couldn’t complain about corporate tax loopholes being cut and most real conservatives hate the idea of confusing tax system.  So why not just get rid of them? Take that issue off the table.  How could any politician argue for them?  This issue is killing the Republicans.

Boehner’s office said he and McConnell told Obama they’re willing to close tax loopholes but only to lower taxes overall, not to replace spending cuts. Obama and congressional leaders have agreed that Congress should pass a bill funding the government beyond the end of March while they keep working on a way to replace the spending cuts, Boehner’s office said.

Who cares why you closed them just do it. Then when you propose a tax cut it will actually mean something.

The problem is they are all bought off, Democrats and Republicans.  They all wish to win elections but no one in politics today wants to actually make a decision or slow free money (your money) to dole out to friends.  It’s just not in the political makeup to do so.

I guess I could have titled this post, “Why I lean Libertarian”.


2 thoughts on “Loopholes, where Republicans continue to fail

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