Aha, all that hard work

More than a Vacation a Month for Obamas in 2013

In the first three months of the year, members of the first family have been on three vacations, averaging a vacation a month. And now it’s being reported that the first daughters are on a spring break vacation in the Bahamas…

…Of course, there’s no reason to begrudge the first family for enjoying a good vacation. But at a time when the White House is closed to the public, it all might seem a little odd.

Actually, with this Presidential family it’s not odd at all.  Remember those in Washington are special, they work harder then any of the rest of us.  Just look at all the great results. 

Reminder who pushed the story

Iraq – Agony, Ordeal, and Recovery

Do not believe in prewar political consensus. As soon as things become difficult, those who most loudly called for war (of both parties) will most loudly call it quits, and soon deny that they really had ever been for the war. Any U.S. intervention that incurs over a hundred casualties has a shelf life of about three months; after that, “you did it, not me” is the cultural norm. – Victor Davis Hanson

Painting for a Birthday

As you get older birthdays are much tougher.  It’s not because they are actually harder or sad or anything like that.  When you get older you just don’t have any real birthday wishes.  Oh, yeah you might want something real nice and expensive but who’s going to buy it?  Well this year my wife asked for something pretty good.  She wanted my son and I to paint her a picture.  She really wanted something kind of abstract but I have no idea how to do that and make it look like something.  Wait does abstract art ever look like something.  Well instead we did a nice painting of some mountains and a little church. 


Hey it isn’t a Rembrandt but for a 10 year old and me, it was pretty nice.  More importantly it was fun to do.  So did she like it?  Did she scream with joy?  Nope, first thing she asked was, “where are the people”.  Ya, just can’t please women. 

Actually it went over very well..  Smile

Another book down–Stakeout

Stakeout: A Stanley Hastings Mystery

Stakeout by Parnell Hallthumbs up

The new crime thriller in the ever-funny and charming Stanley Hastings mystery series, featuring the only detective in New York City who doesn’t carry a gun

Stanley Hastings finally felt like a real PI, staking out a New Jersey motel to get evidence on a woman’s cheating husband. It should have been a piece of cake. Only the husband wasn’t cheating, someone killed him, and the cops are trying to pin the murder on the man apprehended at the scene,
who just happens to be Stanley.

This was a fun and fast read.  The pace is non-stop and funny.  I read this in about two days.  It’s much like a old Chandler novel but with an only semi-competent PI. But it’s ok because he knows he’s not very good at his job.  Or at least thinks he’s not.  I hadn’t heard of Parnell Hall before but apparently there are eighteen other Stanley Hasting books out there.  I’ll have to check them out. 

Security and Biometrics

There is no one answer to security.  It is always dependent on the threat, location and desire.  Biometrics has been seen by some as the answer but as you’ll see in the link below it’s not.  It is a part of the answer but only a part.  The example below is not just security but a method of accountability. 

Fake fingers to fool the boss at Brazil hospital

AFP – Five doctors at a Brazilian hospital have been suspended after they were accused of covering for absentee colleagues by using fake silicone fingers with their prints to fool biometric machines.

Globo television showed footage of a doctor touching her finger to the device, then using two fake digits to do the same for colleagues, and taking delivery of slips of paper indicating they had in fact clocked in to work.