Seth MacFarlane and boobs

I didn’t watch all of the Academy Awards. It’s just too tough to sit through anymore. I think the last one I actually watch completely was John Wayne’s last. I did however, catch a little bit of this year’s show. I wondered how it would go with Seth MacFarlane hosting. I’m not a huge Seth fan but I do like Stewie on Family Guy. What I watched was mixed. A few jokes that were kind of flat, a few that were a bit crude and a couple of songs actually sung well.

The “We saw your boobs”, song was an interesting choice. It was a bit embarrassing yet in some ways it hit home. Let’s face it; it’s almost never important to the story to show your boobs. I’m not saying that it’s not a great idea. I personally think many of these actresses like showing themselves. That’s ok with me but please don’t be indignant if someone jokes on it. Granted I really haven’t seen many of the actresses say much yet. Instead it’s been critics; you know people paid to critique things they themselves can’t do, talking badly about the song. I’m not a critic as I don’t get paid anything.

I personally wouldn’t have done the boob song nor talked about Rihanna’s poor relationship but then the days of class are just about over. Wait, never mind they are over. Plus a classy show would have terrible ratings.

So, after a few jokes and a few speeches I turned the TV off and did something else.


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